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Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz   America - all of it

Started Dec-1 by David Finkel(ish) (mahjong54); 851 views.

Marjorie Taylor-Green and Matt Gaetz... anyone who doesn't know much about these two Trumpanzees, watch this for more info:

Ignorant response based on contempt without full investigation... fast forward to the still pictures near the end before judging....




Response was due to the use of the term "Trumpanzee" which is hate speech.

You mean "free speech". An articulation of the similar behavior and social patterns observed in chimpanzees and human Trump supporters (at least in groups).

Hate speech is more along the lines of saying things to certain people intended to get a fighting reaction.... nobody is going to fight an anonymous narrator on the internet. 

If I get in your face and call you a LIEbral or DEMONCrat or DemoCrap or something racial .... designed to get you to respond with violence or nastiness, that would be "hate speech". 

Another example of "hate speech" may be, if you go to the end of the video, where MTG is yelling into the mail slot of AOCs office talking about "murderous" ... that's intended for a physical response....

But,  no.... "Trumpanzee" is the result of observing the group/social behaviors of Chimps and comparing those to the group/social behaviors of Trump followers.... 

Furthermore, if one didn't have contempt prior to investigation and though "hmmmm, this word doesn't sound right to me", they might ask the speaker "what do you mean by 'Trumpanzee"?

In reply toRe: msg 1

If anyone else out there is triggered by MY words in the video, feel free to fast forward to the still pictures of MTG and MG and let it play from there.... you can be triggered by MTGs words. 




You can't disguise your hatred for Donald Trump and when it is recognized, regular people ignore your message. It is just human nature.

NISSY (NISSY2) said...

You can't disguise your hatred for Donald Trump and when it is recognized

Oh, I make no attempt to hide my hatred for that evil man. Trump is not a "Trumpanzee", he is the evil icon that Trumpanzees currently choose to follow. 





Hillary is just like you. She called supporters of Trump deplorables and was surprised when she lost the election and blamed Russia.

In a democracy, insulting voters is stupid and even people who don't like Trump want a stupid president.

It is the same all over the world. Hate is not admired.