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Clearance and need to know   America - all of it

Started Aug-12 by OSarge is on vacation bitches (mahjong54); 142 views.

To get access to classified information you need more than clearance level, you have to have “need to know”

Example, a SINGARS radio in the 1990s had a Secret manual and a confidential user guide. If you worked with satellite analytics and didn’t use field radios, you might have “Top Secret” clearance, but you won’t get a user guide or manual to a SINGARS because you lack the “need to know”.

Certainly a commander in chief has a clearance level that far exceeds nuke weapon schematics or signal operations, but he just needs to know to push a button, give an order or ask to be put in contact with field commanders… he has no need to know how it’s done.

Why did Trump have this stuff in Mar A Largo? He never should have had access to it even when he was POTUS. Who was he going to sell it to or trade if for?




Trump should be easy to defeat in 2024. Just remind voters that he appointed judges who voted to overturn Rowe.