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Trump's Conversation with the Vlad (by a fly on the wall)   General Confusion

Started 6/3/18 by CzoeMC; 6852 views.
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From: CzoeMC


"Donald!! You are missing the point here with the virus concerns. DON'T try to open up the country prematurely. Remember that you got your Attorney General to declare that a president can "do whatever he deems necessary for the benefit of the country"?

You can let it slide, say that elections must be halted for the sake of the people, and then... sit back, retain your position, and when your senility becomes apparent, well, turn it over to Ivanka and Jared. I could be of assistance with that. I know a few things about proclaiming oneself President for Life, or death,  haha."

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From: CzoeMC


"But, Vlad, what if the generals I have pissed off, don't like this coup?"

"Donald, :::sadly shaking his head:::, you will just have to ask for the handcuffs to be golden, on your way out. Don't forget to take that shower, BTW."

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From: CzoeMC


I am joking, yet serious. Started this thread quite seriously, imagining what was going on, and my predictions, (unfortunately), have seemed correct in regards to the mindset of our "leader".

Glad that you recognize the historical efforts of caesars and tyrants to inflict the populace, the "fly on the wall" thread has been simply a form for expression.

We may not be so dissimilar in some opinions, the truce I offered before was not accepted by you, I still consider you an adversary, as your views on women's' roles in society often offend.

Otherwise, I'm sure that you are a "fine" old gent.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


You really are a gem.

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From: CzoeMC


Well there was that whole deal about watching the Muslim teenage girls, in the town you inhabit, and judging the appropriateness of their attire, for one...

Found THAT to be rather icky.

By the way, aren't you getting off-topic about the Donald/Vlad conversation? How G equals G plusity or minusy is that? You could have Donald or Vlad say something to each other,

that could be amusing.

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From: CzoeMC


It is unlikely that I would take the time to go back and find things that you wrote. Quite unimportant. Nevertheless, what you wrote has left an impression of who you are.

Evidence, that someone COULD look up, besides the mule footprint left behind on a forehead. Unless you wish to erase and delete.

Again, could, and would you like to participate in the "fly" conversation? Otherwise, your presence here seems to be of a stalking sort.

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