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The Big questions in life   General Confusion

Started 8/17/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 70070 views.

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Leftism Ruins Everything

The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 581

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Kavanaugh Fights Back 

The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 582

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Today with Sex Robots!

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Another Leak?

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We hope you enjoy the cartoon above, because there's simply nothing more we can say about the attempted character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. At the point Stormy Daniels' lawyer, who is - almost unbelievably - even more of a whore than she is, announced that he was going to bring forward proof that Judge Kavanaugh has a long history of organizing gang rapes, we said "enough."

We don't know how this is all going to play out with the Democrats and the media hitting new lows in their already appalling behavior. We can only hope that after Thursday's questioning of the accuser and the accused, Kavanaugh will be confirmed, sworn in, and given a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Where he can defend our increasingly appealing Constitutional right to bear torches and pitchforks.

Di (amina046)

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She would get a really good laugh out of this pic!

I admire her a lot and she is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.


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Perhaps she was once, and given the late Justice Scalia's friendship with her, I'm willing to cut her some slack. I simply stand in opposition to her lifelong expression of liberalism which has now jumped the shark . . .


Who Stands for America? 

The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 583

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In which liberals react to expressions of American patriotism . . .

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. . . and the Rule of Law . . .

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