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Bubonic plague   World Wide WTF?

Started 6/11/19 by Johneeo; 6516 views.

From: katiek2


Jen, I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but I can read and I can think logically - yes, the piece said all protests are not violent.  I do watch Fox News, as well as CNN and MSNBC.  I can assure you, a non-Fox News watcher, that I have never heard from Fox News that all protests are violent.  I can also assure you that I HAVE heard both CNN and MSNBC assert that all protests are peaceful.  Now, as a logical thinker, when I hear "all" applied to an action, alarm bells go off and I start researching from all sources I can find, whether they're "on my side" or not.  It helps to clear the mind.

Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

Fox News would have you believe otherwise.


From: SquaddyB


Maybe you could explain how newcomers really don't have to read the putrid notions of the squabbysquad.<<

Or the putrid lily livered, liberal - socialist, all is well crap spouted by the lefties!

Why is everything left vs right to you?

What ever happened to right vs wrong?

What ever happened to love vs hate?

Hell, you even question the right of our families to water in your own forum.

What ever happened to family values?


From: SquaddyB


I notice how you singled me out. She raised the subject, so the exact claim must apply to her, right?

However, I know that is not the case with a rail-rider like you!

Nobody but you here has questioned my own family's right to a glass of water in the desert. 

You started whining (white wine) about why she was in the desert in the first place in your own forum. Don't try to put that off on somebody else. You own that.

Why did our goddaughter's aunt not deserve a glass of water?

You know damn well she was thirsty.


From: SquaddyB


What are you babbling on about?

How in the good lords name could I possibly know why someone was in the desert? Unless you tell us - which you did not - I don't know what you are trying to explain. Take a deep breath and try!


Discussed elsewhere. 

How about you and your kind start treating our families like actual human beings?

Who else but you has suggested that our goddaughter's aunt answer your fucking questions before being allowed a simple glass of water in the desert?

This isn't about some silly left vs right bullshit.

This is about family values.

Do our families have a right to water or do they not!

> "Put down the bottle!"

Your people kicked over the bottles. They stabbed the bottles. 

Why won't you agree to stop? All it would take is a single word from you and your kind agreeing to stop.

You must really hate us.


Look, I aknoweledge your whiteness, but you really need to stop killing our families.

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