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America - Arms dealer to the world   America - all of it

Started 7/11/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 18960 views.

From: bml00


Such contracts take 3 to 5 years to execute by which time it is highly likely the current Iranian standoff will have been more than likely been bought to an head

If you threw $100 Billion at the UAE it could never withstand any conflict with Iran unless it was part of a unified alliance , for the US this is Christmas come early for the UAE this is window dressing 


Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)



From: bml00


This is Christmas come early for the US a multi billion arms deal with a country that has absolutely no chance of defending itself against any of its regional opponents especially and including Iran 

There is a story about the Egyptians who took delivery of several hundred ABRAM's MBT's and they laid on the dock for months because they did not know how to assemble them even though they had received training .


Thanks for this! A wonderful example of "win/win/win" decisions by President Trump and the Republicans in the Senate. Makes our weapons cheaper, keeps our workers in jobs, and serves as a check to the greatest sponsor of terrorism and civil war in the world!

You do heartily approve of this sale, right?

ElDotardo said...


Here in America, artists used to eat alligators for lunch, but that was 12,000 years ago.


The archaeologists’ work includes investigations into ancient agriculture and the ways in which humans transformed the Amazonian landscape. In rock shelters located near the art, researchers discovered the remains of food eaten by the artists, including fruits, alligators, capybara and armadillos.



bml00 said...

Most arms sales are done via either direct Government to Government or licensed and approved dealers (usually for small arms) , of course it is possible that the lower down the chain you go the filthier the business gets .

There are HUGE arms caches in Romania and Bulgaria both of which are noted countries selling their small arms and it is not difficult if you can show the ability to pay to get these dealers to sell you larger weapons .

Albania is awash with Eastern Bloc weapons , Israel has amassed a million or more AK47's over the years etc , this is the favourite weapon of choice as it is fool proof and almost indestructible


"The AK-47 is the most-used rifle in wars throughout the world. You can buy it in Africa for $8. The armed groups like it because it's light and children can easily use it." (0:46 - 1:08)
César López: Turning Guns into Guitars (Colombia)

Cultures of Resistance Films
Guitarist César López's home country, Colombia, has been plagued by civil war for the past five decades. Conflicts between the state, left-wing guerrillas, and shadowy ranks of for-hire paramilitaries have resulted in entrenched violence. Inspired to make his art part of the solution, López created the escopetarra, a guitar that is made from an AK-47, the most used rifle in the world. As he says, "If the weapon, which was designed to kill, if its use can be changed, then why can't humans change too?" This short film highlights López's efforts to reign in militarism in his country through music and political activism.

From: bml00


You cannot buy a functioning AK47 @ $8 ANYWHERE in the World 


bml00 said...

This is Christmas come early for the US

Christmas can get pretty wild here in the USA, since they sell guns to pretty much anybody here.

Remember Christmas, 2012?

Here's an interview with Santa Clause.

Santa describes mall shooting
Santa dropped to ground when he heard gunshots
POSTED: 08:02 PM MST Dec 11, 2012 

Santa promises to return to Clackamas mall after shootings
Jenifer (Zarknorph) said...


When did Americans do that?

Have you never heard of the War on Christmas? It's an American tradition. 

Just look at any newspaper during the Christmas season here, and you can get an idea what the War on Christmas is like.

Santa Clause himself sells guns.

Thanks For The MAGA Polices, Bye (bobrazz) said...

A wonderful example of "win/win/win"

There's a lot of money to be made all around. It's not just Santa selling guns for the War on Christmas (with a little help from the NRA).

Parents want to keep their children safe in school for the War on Christmas as well, so they buy gifts to wrap and put under the Christmas tree for schoolchildren.

After Newtown, Sales Boom for Kids’ Body Armor

After Newtown, Sales Boom for Kids’ Body Armor – Mother Jones