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Coronavirus   World Wide WTF?

Started 3/31/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 42055 views.
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A little bit of hope:

The itty bitty 5'1", 104 lb., 94 yr old mother of a friend was taken to the hospital last Wednesday with Covid.  She was given Remdisever (sp?), the same therapeutic Trump was given.  She came home from the hospital yesterday.  Maybe things are looking brighter.

Di (amina046)

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(Source: Reddit)  Street car conductor in Seattle not allowing passengers aboard without a mask, during Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918.

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From: Di (amina046)


(Source: Reddit) Flu ward at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C., during the influenza pandemic of 1918

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Trump got "Regeneron" and a steroid cocktail.  Probably best that the itty bitty 104 year old didn't get his treatment.

Remdesivir (?) is much further along in the trials and shows promise.

I hope she's okay.

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Common sense:

Bar talk - Theodore Dalrymple, Taki's Magazine, 30 October 2020

... Speaking as the average man in the pub or bar, I have my own scheme. I cannot help but notice that the risk of death from COVID by age resembles very closely the risk of death by age from all causes: That is to say, at a low age the risk is negligible, rising slightly and then very rapidly after the age of 65—though there is no age at which the risk is zero.

In the age group to which I have the honor of belonging (though membership of it is not entirely voluntary), which is said to be at high risk of dying of COVID, though only a sixteenth as high as that of people over the age of 90, I noticed that in Britain, which had one of the highest levels of death from the disease, the chance of someone of my age dying of it during the height of the epidemic was 1 in 807. The normal risk, that is to say without COVID, would have been about 1 in 1,200. This is not the Black Death, then, though I suppose the death rate might have been much higher had it not been for the government measures taken.

Between a fifth and a sixth of the population is aged 65 or older, and it is this group that is overwhelmingly the most at risk of dying of COVID.

As a pub or bar epidemiologist, it seems to me that preventive efforts ought to be directed overwhelmingly at this age group, which is, alas, my own. My favored scheme would be for the rest of the population to go about its business as normal, with the over-65s remaining as much as possible indoors, taking precautions and not mixing with younger persons except with great circumspection. The degree of risk they were prepared to run would be up to them; there is no objectively “correct” level of risk to run.

For example, a friend of my age, in good general health like me, is much more cautious than I. He has scarcely left his house since the epidemic began. I, on the other hand, have been more outgoing, though still taking the precautions that I consider reasonable. As a consequence, he is less likely to contract the disease than I; but I consider the extra risk worth taking while he does not. Neither of us is “correct” in any indubitable sense.

I have noticed that older people, on the whole, already take precautions more seriously than the young who know that they have nothing to fear and in any case are risk-takers by nature. Of course, there are older people who cannot take care of themselves, either through physical or mental incapacity, but it surely should not beyond the wit of man, or even of governments, to devise a means of protecting them. Home deliveries of food by shops and supermarkets, for example, could be concentrated upon them.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

How do you explain the US death toll for 2020 is 300,000 higher than any other year?

What's to explain?  I'm not one of these people who say covid is not dangerous.  It's just that these lockdowns have consequences.

For example, literally hundreds of thousands of people waiting for cancer testing and treating.  Many of those will not get treated and tested in time.

That's not counting the less immediately tangible effects.  Funny, I thought 'liberals' were good at seeing the relationship between poverty and isolation and early death.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Our country is ready to fully open up for Christmas.

My state's economy is in a surplus (not that that means anything).

New Zealand came through COVID with top marks.

Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea... all managed.

The mismanagement of this in the US, and the 200,000+ deaths, rest solely on Trump's moronic shoulders.

Europe is doing worse than the U.S.   Where is the criticism of Macron?   The press ignores the extremely poor response in France because they like technocrats like this guy.

They also ignore the fact that all the worst performing states and municipalities are run by Democrats.   If you took away the deaths in New York and New Jersey alone, America's death toll from covid-19 would be proportionately lower than just about any country in western Europe.

And the thing is: public health policy is the province of governors, not presidents.  

This whole 'blame Trump for covid' thing is just plain stupid.  It's so stupid and so wrong that I suspect most who repeat that line don't actually believe it themselves.  But again, maybe I'm underestimating the illiteracy and innumeracy of the general public.