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The mob surrounding that couple's house threatened to burn it down with them in it.  

They could call the police, who may or may not show up.  You don't think they have the right to defend themselves.

I don't know if the mob was mostly black or mostly white but they were definitely mostly violent.  

And if you do want to make this into a race issue, remember, a white person is the U.S. is ten times as likely to be murdered by a black person as the other way around.  

There's no point in arguing with you. There's nothing that you can say that makes my wife dangerous to SQUADDYB in any way, shape or form. That is all a part of SQUADDYB's white imagination of Black folks in general. 

Nothing you say changes the fact that my wife is afraid of being shot by somebody like SQUADDYB, just for being Black.

And the fact that SQUADDYB lumps my wife in with a group of people who he has made very clear that he is so afraid of that he needs to cling to his guns for protection, with his trigger finger trembling, means that my wife's fears are not unfounded.  

Very sorry to hear that your wife has such a fear and low opinion of white people.  Does she get it from you?

Apollonius (Theocritos) said...

Very sorry to hear that your wife has such a fear and low opinion of white people.  

My wife is not afraid of white people in general.

Nor does she have a low opinion of white people in general.

Where did you even get that idea?

You are making this up.

My wife is Catholic.

Doy el primer paso - Canción de bienvenida al papa Francisco


From: CamGeary


You got me now; who's Juan Tumba?


From: CamGeary


Talk louder, Le Bron, we can't hear you...

CamGeary said...

You got me now; who's Juan Tumba?

You need to click on the link to my poll here in this forum, in the post where I mentioned Juan Tumba's band.