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The Inevitable Civil War begins   America - all of it

Started 1/7/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 51389 views.

From: Sonate109


Thank you, and it's my pleasure !

Who does not know about lynching?  Most progressives and African-Americans know little else about U.S. history.  Tests and polls have revealed time after time that most young people (anyone under age 40) do not even know what century the Civil War was fought.  But they know about lynching (or at least they think they do).

I can't remember whether you said you paid to view the exhibits at the Lynching Museum, but I can tell you as an absolute fact, I have never paid a nickel to view a statue of a Confederate war hero or indeed any of the many other people whom the Black Lies Matter crowd claim is offensive to their sight. 

Nor have I advocated burning the Lynching Museum down.

Oh, and good to see you alive and kicking.

And I still think you don't get that joke in Taki's.

It was about the white 'liberal' who set up the Lynching Museum.  He likes promoting the causes of lesser beings who cannot think for themselves, apes and non-wokes, for example.

MIchael Moore seems to have more info than the news is willing to share.  

He was texting with a congressman who was locked in the capitol during the attack. 

His most recent post concerns a dire warning of more MAGA violence coming next Sunday, the 17th (armed marches to DC and every state cap building!)

Michael Moore is a grossly obese multi-millionaire who makes money from promoting one lie after another.

Wrong!  He is a very good man.  

Sorry, no.  He is a profoundly evil man.  His lies are even more grotesque than his physical body.

Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

even more grotesque than his physical body.