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Peak Woke   World Wide WTF?

Started Apr-5 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 110 views.
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The reason I'm not that optimistic is that, these are the kinds of people who are the leading lights of progressives these days.

In the link Theodore Dalrymple provides a sample of her writing:

The multiplicity of becoming-cunt as an assemblage reassembles the tensors upon which it expresses force and by which force is expressed upon its various planes and dimensions.

Arguing for the extinction of the human race in order to save the planet she states:

The negative value of the end of anthropocentrism is where the jubilance of the world begins. The everything else that comes at the end of these systems is primarily only really the end of the primacy of one isomorphic functioning mode of knowledge. Difference and proliferation which seethes beneath in a germinal state has the capacity to express when the anthropocentric mode is diminished to one of many ways, historical or majoritarian-hysterical.