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January 6th Investigation   America - all of it

Started 7/1/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 19240 views.

From: Raven2018


So, you were cursing that Trump flag too!! LOL

The protester, had to pull hard to get the gas mask off of Hodges, and Hodges certainly could breath more easily without the mask on. If the protester meant to be vicious, and to hurt Hodges ... he could have punched him in the face, or beat him in the head, after he removed the mask. I don't recall Hodges saying that the protester who removed his mask, did anything other than remove his mask.

Further, the police officers behind Hodges should have stepped back so that Hodges could have backed out of the doorway. This may have been what the protester in the brown jacket was attempting to do; get the officers to move backwards for Hodge's sake? I don't know what else the protester was trying to accomplish with all of the hand gestures, in his communicating with the police officer who he had tapped to get his attention. The protester, and the officer should be asked about this.

It seems that the police officers are to blame, because there were no protesters standing in front of Hodges preventing him from moving forward ... It's that Hodge's was not able to move forward on his own volition.  And for a protestor to attempt to pull Hodges forward, out of the doorway, would  have been futile and hurt Hodges in the process, due to the way that he was wedged into the doorway.

I think the protestor in the red knit hat, would have pulled Hodges out of the doorway ...  in a heartbeat ...  if she could have.

How do you do it? If I try to post a blank message, I get a "No message to post" so you must be an "important" person here at Delphi.


From: Raven2018


Cat got your tongue?! ;)


From: Raven2018


I plan to stick around!

Thanks! :)

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From: HerbSouth


LIMU IMU!!!!!!!  AND DOUG!!!!!!!!

Thanks for "whatever you posted" in Invisible ink.

Bravo! Finally, something readable. Was that in Amharic or Armenian?