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Yes... This actually happened   World Wide WTF?

Started 1/25/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 128712 views.
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Massive 'babushka' egg laid on far north Queensland farm

A massive egg bulging from an egg carton alongside much smaller eggs

A gigantic chicken egg laid with a smaller egg inside it has baffled a poultry expert, who says he has never seen the phenomenon before.

The babushka egg was laid by a free-range chicken at the Stockman's Eggs on the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns, in far north Queensland.

The farm said the egg weighed 176 grams, more than three times the size of an average egg.

When it was cracked, they discovered a second smaller egg sitting inside.

An egg yolk and a small egg beside the larger egg that contained it

Associate Professor Raf Freire from Charles Sturt University's veterinary sciences school said he had never seen anything like it before.

"To be honest, I don't really know how it's come about," he said. Professor Freire said it looked like the chicken had produced an egg as normal, but for some reason it was never laid.

"Then the next day, rather than that egg being laid, like it usually is, what's happened is that there's been another ovum released."

"That's come down and then the chicken has somehow decided to make its shell around both the previous day's egg and the new ovum that's come down.

The farmers have not revealed how the chicken is faring.

Not well, I would imagine.

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Drunk driver manages to get hit by his own car in Virginia police chase


Watch the video here:

A Virginia man has given an example of how not to run from the police.

Police released dashcam footage of the drunk driver getting hit by his own car as he got out and tried to escape.

Fairfax County Police said the incident happened at about 1:00am Sunday morning (local time) as they tried pulling the man over for an equipment violation.

In the video, 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu is seen jumping out of his car and starting to run off.

He is then immediately run over by his own car as it continues to drive around a corner.

Police said Bonsu neglected to put the car in park in his haste.

Officers said the man was unharmed and is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana, among other violations.

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Message in a bottle found on WA beach 132 years after being tossed overboard

A 132-year-old gin bottle and a message within it written in German.

A Perth family has made an extraordinary historical discovery after becoming bogged on a West Australian beach.

Tonya Illman was walking across sand dunes just north of Wedge Island, 180 kilometres north of Perth, when she noticed something sticking out of the sand.

"It just looked like a lovely old bottle, so I picked it up thinking it might look good in my bookcase," she said.

But Mrs Illman realised she had likely uncovered something far more special when out fell a damp, rolled up piece of paper tied with string.

An image of the world's oldest message in a bottle. The note is a form used as part of an experiment to understand ocean current

Between 1864 until 1933, thousands of bottles were thrown overboard from German ships, each containing a form on which the captain would write the date, the ship's coordinates and details about its route.

It was part of an experiment by the German Naval Observatory to better understand global ocean currents.

On the back, the messages asked the finder to write when and where the bottle had been found and return it, either to the German Naval Observatory in Hamburg or the nearest German Consulate.

The Illmans took their find to the Western Australian Museum, where assistant curator of maritime archaeology Ross Anderson conducted a series of investigations.

He determined it was a mid-to-late 19th-century Dutch gin bottle, and the form inside was written on cheaply-made 19th-century paper.

The colleagues compared handwriting samples from the form and the captain's entries in Paula's meteorological journal.

"Extraordinary finds need extraordinary evidence to support them," Dr Anderson said.

"Incredibly, there was an entry for June 12, 1886, made by the captain, recording a drift bottle having been thrown overboard.

"The date and the coordinates correspond exactly with those on the bottle message.

"The handwriting is identical in terms of cursive style, slant, font, spacing, stroke emphasis, capitalisation and numbering style."

Discovered 132 years after it was tossed overboard, it is the oldest-known message in a bottle in the world.

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Man blows up kitchen while trying to kill cockroaches

Windows and fibro walls blown out in a house

A Mount Isa man has caused an explosion while trying to spray cockroaches in his kitchen using an insect spray as a flamethrower.

Police and fire crews were called to the incident at a home on Abel Smith Parade about 8:00pm on Wednesday.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the man suffered lacerations to his head and hand from shrapnel caused by the explosion.

He was taken to the Mount Isa Hospital.

Several other people were also in the house but were not injured.

Station officer Ian Louden said they believed the man ignited a can and a half of insect spray while trying to burn the cockroaches, causing windows to shatter and significant damage to the kitchen and walls of the house.

He said pest spray has clear labels warning against exposing them to a naked flame.

"The instructions are put on these things for a purpose and if failure to follow them can result in as it did in this case extreme damage to the property," he said.

"The people are very lucky that there wasn't serious injury or death."

"He was the only one injured.

"The explosion, for want of a better term, remained in the kitchen-lounge room area.

Neighbour Kerrod Karkadoo said the explosion made everything vibrate.

"We were just sitting out and having a few beers and we just heard 'boohowww'," he said.

"There was a bloke walking around, holding his face."

Now that's how men handle things.  Australian men, anyway.  Queensland men.

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Greece's top soccer league suspended after owner invades pitch with gun

A bodyguard tries to hold Ivan Savvidis back as he approaches another person on the soccer pitch.

Greece has indefinitely suspended its top soccer league, a day after the owner of PAOK Thessaloniki marched onto the field carrying a gun following a disputed goal in a match.

FIFA urged Greek authorities to take swift action against PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis or face a possible suspension.

Savvidis walked onto the field twice accompanied by bodyguards, and appeared to be carrying a pistol in a holster around his waist.

He made no move to use the weapon at any time.

Fernando Varela had just scored in the 90th minute on Sunday for PAOK against AEK Athens, putting the hosts ahead 1-0 in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

The referee signalled a goal but then seemed to disallow it for offside. The match was eventually abandoned.

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Ski lift malfunction at Georgia resort sees holidaymakers flung into the air


Holidaymakers were forced to jump for their lives and others were flung into the air after a ski lift malfunctioned at a Georgian resort.

Skiers were travelling downhill when the lift began to hurtle out of control, picking up speed while moving backwards.

A video of the incident showed horrified onlookers shouting in panic as people were thrown off the lift.

People behind the camera can be heard screaming as the situation unfolds.

One person can be heard shouting for the machine to stop.

At least eight people were injured in the incident, including a Swede and a Ukrainian, local media reported.

There were no fatalities.

According to local media, the lift had a defect causing it to speed up to double the normal speed.

The resort is located on the south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia.

It's okay, no one died.  So you can watch the video.

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Giant yellow duck missing off the WA coast after fleeing swimming competition

Daphne the duck was meant to be the mascot for this year's Cockburn Jetty Swim.

A giant inflatable duck is missing off the coast of Western Australia after strong winds whisked it into the Indian Ocean.

"Daphne" the duck was meant to be the mascot for last Sunday's Coogee Jetty to Jetty Swim.

President of the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club, Peter Marr, said he was setting up ahead of the event when Daphne took flight in strong winds.

Mr Marr said his attempts to swim after the inflatable were futile.

"I probably overestimated my ability and underestimated Daphne's hunger for freedom and she just bolted," Mr Marr told ABC Radio Breakfast.

"After 50 metres she was just gone baby, gone. I couldn't keep up."

Fisherman have reported sightings of Daphne, including a group who saw her 15 kilometres west of Rottnest Island soon after she broke free.

There was also a rumour she has made it as far as Geraldton, almost 400km north of Coogee Beach.

Mr Marr said the club was offering a reward for Daphne's safe return — swimming merchandise and free entry into next year's swim.

"We're expecting a ransom note," he said.

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Robotic T Rex bursts into flames at US theme park

T-Rex Fire at Dinosaur Museum

Want music and videos with zero ads? Get YouTube Red.

A giant animatronic T Rex has caught fire at a US theme park, creating a nightmarish spectacle.

An electrical fire triggered the flames which lit up the Tyrannosaurus rex at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience.

In a Facebook post, the Colorado park said the dinosaur was now "extinct".

"Holy smokes! We always knew T-Rex had a temper but today he blew his top," it said.

"There was an unfortunate [and rare] electrical issue with our mighty T Rex and he is no longer. You might even say … extinct."

Nobody was hurt in the incident, which the park described as "isolated and unexpected".

"We are incredibly proud of our team for the way they efficiently and quickly handled this situation and kept our guests safe," it said.

"All in all, this happened very quickly and we are a little shaken but we are operating business as mostly usual."

The park said it was "planning to have a replacement T Rex before summer".

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Orange snow blankets eastern Europe

Skiers and snowboarders riding on orange-coloured snow in Russia.

Parts of eastern Europe were blanketed with orange-tinted snow over the weekend.

The phenomenon has been seen across Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.

Meteorologists said sand from Sahara desert storms mixing with snow and rain caused the orange snow.

It occurs roughly once every five years.

This sandstorm made its way from Greece to Russia, and could be seen via NASA satellite imagery.

Skiers and snowboarders near Sochi, Russia posted photos of the unusual sight.

"We're skiing on Mars today," one user posted on Instagram.

Ski slopes covered with orange snow and surrounded by clouds.

A ski lift going up a mountain covered with orange snow.

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Snake mistakes man's slipper for food

X-ray of a slipper swallowed by a Coastal Carpet Python in Queensland, which had the object removed by a vet.

There are slippery snakes, and then there's this slipper-eating snake.

A carpet python has confused a man's footwear for a feed, ingesting his right-foot slipper in a late night snack in a Haigslea home, west of Brisbane, last week.

An elderly man and a relative had come across it during the search for one of his slippers, which had gone missing overnight days earlier.

The python was taken to a HerpVet at Mount Ommaney, where it was X-rayed it to confirm the footwear was inside.

The reptile underwent successful surgery to have it removed on Monday afternoon.  

"[The python] woke up very quickly from the procedure, given anti-inflammatories and painkillers and antibiotics in this case, because we entered the GI tract."

It will be off to rehabilitation in a couple of days, and will eventually be released back into the wild in the near future.

As for the slipper —it was removed in one piece, albeit a bit slimy.

Slipper removed from snake