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Yes... This actually happened   World Wide WTF?

Started 1/25/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 139658 views.
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Whoops!  There goes the loot!

Robbers drop stolen cash as it flies away in the wind

Bungling burglar clutches at his trousers in a hopeless bid to stop the cash he has just stolen from a travel agency blowing away in the wind Two men are sho...

Two thieves have been caught on camera losing their loot in a gust of wind as they attempted to make their escape down a street in northern England.

The men, described as "hapless robbers" by Greater Manchester Police, allegedly robbed a travel agency and stuffed the cash down their pants.

As they walked down a street away from the store, notes started dropping out of one man's trousers and flying away in the wind.

He tried to capture the flyaway cash — but more fell out of his pants in the process.

Eventually, the pair got into a getaway car and sped off, police said.

"They took every step to secure the money in the shop, but left the stolen notes in their wake as they fled from the scene," Detective Constable Phil Scargill said.

"I'd urge anyone who saw the two men, or caught sight of them dropping notes as they ran from the travel agents, to please get in touch with police and share what you know."

Police did not say how much money the pair stole from the travel agency, or how much was left on the street.


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Turns out the pen is NOT mightier than the sword

A plane passenger has threatened a flight attendant with a fountain pen, forcing an Air China flight bound for Beijing to make an unscheduled landing, according to the country's civil aviation authority.

In a brief statement on its website, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said a male passenger, who it did not identify, on Air China Flight 1350 attempted to use the pen to hold the flight attendant "under duress".

Passengers and crew were unharmed, the statement said, without providing any further details.

Chinese police said preliminary investigations found the 41-year-old passenger, identified only by his last name Xu, had a "history of mental illness".

The flight took off from Changsha, the capital of southern Hunan province, at 8:40am (local time) and was scheduled to arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport at about 11:00am, according to local media reports and flight tracking websites.

But it made the unscheduled landing at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, in central Henan province, at 9:58am, according to an earlier post on Air China's official Weibo microblog.

Air China said in the post that the plane made the unscheduled stop due to "public safety reasons", and that police and civil aviation authorities were handling the situation.

The Beijing News said on its Weibo page that a passenger described being awoken by a scream coming from the front of the plane and that "nobody knew what was going on".

The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald quoted a passenger as saying that the disturbance occurred in the first or business class cabins but that the curtains separating those sections from economy class were pulled tightly shut.

The passenger looked out the window and saw many police cars, ambulances and fire engines parked outside the plane as it was landing in Zhengzhou, the newspaper said in a Weibo post.

The passenger described seeing armed personnel in camouflage uniforms assembled in two or three rows.

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Falling dog knocks woman unconscious

A dog falling from the roof of a two-storey building has struck a woman on the head, leaving her with a serious neck injury in Guangzhou City, Southern China.

Two women were walking in the city's Baiyun District earlier this month when one of them was suddenly hit by the dog.

Surveillance camera footage showed the woman slump unconscious after being hit by the animal, which witnesses said weighed at least 20 kilograms.

The accident could have been even worse — the other woman in the video is seen holding a baby.

Local witnesses described how they heard a loud sound and saw an animal falling to the ground.

"It was very loud, like a bag of cement falling down," said a local woman who witnessed the incident.

In a stroke of luck, the two women had been walking to a local clinic at the time.

A nearby doctor came to the injured woman's aid.

"I saw that her lips suddenly turned black … the doctor next door rubbed the area below her nose with some herbal oil," the witness said.

The woman took more than 12 minutes to regain consciousness.

"She had totally blacked out," said another local.

Dog flees the scene

Neighbours quickly called an ambulance and the unfortunate woman was sent to hospital, but the dog had already fled from the scene.

"The dog ran off at once. It was fine, because its fall [was] buffered by the person," said a witness.

As for the whereabouts of the canine— it has seemingly since stayed away from the scene of the crime, locals said.

Video here:

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Runaway ox startles onlookers in south-west China

A runaway ox left pedestrians and motorists utterly bewildered in south-west China's Yunnan Province, after the animal ditched its owner and took its cart for a high-speed city tour.

The ox's owner, an elderly villager surnamed Qi from Kunming City's Chenggong District, was thrown out of the cart when the apparently startled ox took off at speed, roaring its way up a busy city road.

Surveillance video footage captured the dramatic scenes of the out-of-control ox racing away on the road, outrunning buses and nearby cars.

Bemused locals looked on as it rocketed past a pedestrian crossing with its driverless cart in tow.

Police were soon alerted to the bizarre situation, and reported that the animal had set off on its frenzy after being frightened by the sound of a car horn.

"At the intersection of Caiyun Road and Chongyun Street, the ox cart was going so slowly that a driver behind couldn't help but sound his horn. The ox was startled and started to run," said Liu Yaxu, a local police officer.

The wild ox was finally stopped after running riot for nearly 2 kilometres, thanks to the efforts of local residents and the police, and ended up in a quiet lane where it was reunited with its disapproving owner.

Fortunately, no-one was hurt in Thursday's incident, although the cart's wheels did not survive the adventure.

Video here:

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Feisty pelicans crash university graduation ceremony in California

Pelicans crash Pepperdine University graduation

When your university is located next to the Pacific Ocean, at some point pelicans are bound to crash your graduation.

Graduates and guests were taken by surprise when two pelicans crashed a graduation ceremony at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California on Saturday.

One of the two birds can be seen landing into the graduation crowd, then stumbling up to the front of the ceremony, as guests and students reacted with laughter and shock.

Security personnel can be seen trying to usher the bird away as it snaps back at them when they try to grab it.

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Japan FINALLY invents a real size transformer!

Japanese scientists invent real life Transformer robot that morphs into a car

Japanese engineers have unveiled a robot that transforms into a car that can actually carry people on board, in what they said was the first such accomplishm...

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Man drives 65 kilometres with 3,000 bees loose in truck cab

A beekeeper driving a swarm of bees to their new home ended up having a tense trip when the insects escaped their containers inside his vehicle.

Wallace Leatherwood had just picked up the bees and was transporting them home to Waynesville, North Carolina.

Mr Leatherwood stepped away from his vehicle to get lunch and came back to find about 3,000 bees crawling around the cab of his truck.

"I didn't have any shady place to sit them," Mr Leatherwood told local news station WLOS-13.

"When I came out, [one of the boxes] was black with bees, and there were bees everywhere. I thought, well, I don't know what to do.

"I didn't want to lose my bees. They were $US165 [per box].

"The girls are out. We got a problem," Mr Leatherwood is heard saying on vision he captured while sitting in traffic.

"Houston we have a problem … I'm driving along the road here. We got bees everywhere."

Mr Leatherwood was in high spirits while surrounded by thousands of bees.

Mr Leatherwood said he drove "40 plus miles" (65 kilometres) with the bees loose inside the cab of his truck.

Thankfully he was not stung while driving, but he did suffer a few stings while removing the bees from the truck later.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolate

A truck crash in Poland has left a highway covered in 12 tonnes of liquid chocolate, blocking traffic in both directions and creating headaches for clean-up crews.

The tanker overturned in the early hours of the morning after colliding with a traffic barrier in Graboszewo in the country's west on Wednesday (local time), causing waves of the sugary liquid to coat Poland's A2 motorway between Wrzesnia and Slupca.

Traffic came to a complete standstill in both directions, with police saying it could take several hours to reopen the road.

Rescue officials said the liquid chocolate was solidifying as it cooled and would require large amounts of hot water to clear away.

"The cooling chocolate is worse than snow," said Slupca fire brigade senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski.

According to the manufacturer, spilled chocolate is more difficult to remove than oil and needs to be shifted gradually using pressurised hot water.

In some areas, the chocolate was so thick that heavy machinery was brought in to scoop up the mess.

The driver suffered a broken arm and was taken to hospital.

While no-one else was injured during the incident, the troublesome substance did rob one local journalist of his shoe.

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Pony dumped in grandmother's backyard after 13-year-old girl responds to online ad

The pony stands in a small backyard in Stoke-on-Trent.

A grandmother in England was "very shocked" to discover a pony left in her backyard, after her granddaughter responded to an advertisement on the internet.

The 13-year-old girl answered the ad, which said the pony would be "put to sleep" if no-one wanted him, RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin said.

Giving her grandmother's address in Stoke-on-Trent, "the next thing that happened was a man just came along and dumped the pony there, no words of advice or anything like that — and leaving a very shocked nan".

"We don't know where this poor pony came from but he clearly was not treated well before being abandoned," Ms Melvin said.

"We have come to a dead end in trying to find out further information so we are appealing for anybody who can help us to get in touch."

The pony was underweight and covered in mites when it was left in the backyard on April 27 and is now in the care of World Horse Welfare after the grandmother called for help.

World Horse Welfare field officer Rachel Andrews said she hoped the incident did not signal a new trend of horses being abandoned.

"We're seeing sick or young ponies being dumped and abandoned when their owners no longer want them, and it would be a worry if online free ad sites are used in this way," she said.

"Every horse and pony deserves responsible ownership … we hope in time we can find him a good home."