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Yes... This actually happened   World Wide WTF?

Started 1/25/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 140023 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

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From: RGoss99


This is happening here also both wild and domesticated goats and sheep. a few wild dogs also. Mallorca has no native preditory mamals, rapter birds yes, so there have recently been cases of wild ogs, which keep farmers on their toes protecting sheep and chickens. Wild dogs are not much of a problem as they are original or descendents of dogs brought by tourists. All of our dogs are required to be licensed, have a microchip implanted and a registered DNA sample. The insurance is a token 1€ per year for a floormop peke or poodle, much higher for say Pesa Canaria - these were bread to catch runaway slaves. We have laws as to dogs in cities related to need for space. A few years back a lady had one in her San Francisco apartment, next door to that of a female soccer coach. When the dog´s owner returned with the dog at the same time as the coach, all sweaty returned from a run, the owner was not strong enough to keep the dog from killing the woman. Protecció Civil, I only had one experience with a mastiff. I was monitoring a cross country bike race, and this huge dog came out snapping at the heels of the biker. My vehical as a devise like one uses for snakes but larger, a long tube with a cable ending in a loop. so droped the loup around the dog´s neck, and pulled the cable back until the dog settled down with me about 2m away. When the cops came, they simply scaned the dog´s chip, and called the owner to pick it up, and be given a fine of 500€. The DNA think  is not that the cops go around checking dog droppings, but if there is a complaint in some neighborhood indicating some dog owners are not being responsible, the cops come out, take photos, collect a sample and fine the owners. Don´t know how much the fine, but large enough to teach the owners a lesson, so we don´t need a special corps of pooper snooperes. 

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From: CzoeMC


Oooh, a true cat hero. But I love it when he:

"They're just doing their thing, it wasn't actually anything against the snake," he said.

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Both Berry and Goss are gagged forever.

I hope you come back soon.



From: CamGeary


I've been fighting with Berry for ten years but protest his being gagged...

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Thank goodness!

Jenifer's one act has "cleaned up" this Forum!

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Well everyone I know in here broke out in tears..... of joy!