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Russia    The U.K and Europe

Started 3/28/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 57933 views.
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The 'Event of the Summer!'

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin lean over the arms of their chairs during a meeting in the G20.

Moscow and Washington have struck a deal to hold a summit soon between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump, a move likely to worry some US allies and draw a fiery reaction from some of Mr Trump's critics at home.

Key points:

  • Summit likely to take place in mutual third country
  • Mr Ushakov spoke of a possible joint declaration to improve US-Russia relations
  • The deal was announced following a meeting between Mr Putin and Mr Trump's national security adviser John Bolton

Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov, speaking after Mr Putin met US National Security Adviser John Bolton in the Kremlin, said the summit would take place in a mutually convenient third country and that several more weeks were needed to prepare for it.

"This meeting has been planned for a long time," Mr Ushakov said.

"It has enormous importance for Russia and America, but it [also] has huge importance for the whole international situation. I think it will be the main international event of the summer."

Such a summit is likely to irritate US allies who want to isolate Mr Putin, such as Britain, who are concerned about Mr Trump's attitude towards Russia.

It is also likely to go down badly among foreign and domestic critics who question Mr Trump's commitment to NATO and fret over his desire to rebuild relations with Moscow even as Washington tightens sanctions.

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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Putin wants to talk?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told United States President Donald Trump in a New Year's letter that the Kremlin is "open to dialogue" on the myriad issues hindering relations between their countries.

Key points:

  • The Kremlin released summaries of Vladimir Putin's messages to many world leaders
  • Most messages related to bilateral relations between Russia and other countries
  • The note said Russia-US relations were the "most important factor" behind international security

The Kremlin published a summary of Mr Putin's "greeting message" to Mr Trump on Sunday.

The summary states the Russian leader wrote: "Russia-US relations are the most important factor behind ensuring strategic stability and international security."

Mr Trump cancelled a formal meeting with Mr Putin scheduled for December 1 at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, tweeting "it would be best for all parties" given Russia's seizure days earlier of three Ukrainian naval vessels.

Since then, the Kremlin has repeatedly said it is open to dialogue.

The message to Mr Trump was among dozens of holiday greetings Mr Putin sent to other world leaders, each tailored to reflect a bilateral theme.

The recipients included Syrian President Bashar al Assad, whom the Russian leader has backed throughout a civil war that started in 2011.

Mr Putin's message to Mr Assad "stressed that Russia will continue to provide all-around assistance to the government and people of Syria in their fight against terrorism and efforts to protect state sovereignty and territorial integrity," according to the Kremlin summary.

Moscow hosted talks with Turkey on Saturday in which the two countries agreed to coordinate actions in northern Syria after Mr Trump's announcement that he was withdrawing US forces from the country.

The main group of Kurdish-led forces fighting against the Assad regime with US support has said the US pull-out could lead to the revival of the Islamic State group,

Putin, in his message to Mr Assad, "wished the Syrian people the earliest return to peaceful and prosperous life."

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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Great, they can give the quote to Trump!

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Russia’s Soft Strategy to Hostile Measures in Europe

They’ve been called political warfare, measures short of war, gray zone warfare, and a host of other terms.   Whatever the preferred term of art, Russia has used a wide range of hostile measures  —  political, economic, diplomatic, intelligence, and military activities  —  to expand its influence and undermine governments across the European continent.   And yet, for all the attention paid to the subject, there remains a basic paradox in Russia’s actions.   On the one hand, Russia’s actions are widespread and sophisticated, employing a varied toolset to differing degrees depending on local circumstances.   On the other, in most of Europe, the results so far have been lackluster at best.   There are two keys to unraveling this enigma. 

First, Russia faces a structural problem: Its leverage tends to be greatest in countries in its near abroad, and not necessarily in those countries best positioned to accomplish Russia’s other key foreign priorities of changing the overall bent of Western policy, undermining institutions like the European Union and NATO or promoting its vision of itself as a great power. 

Second, because its hostile measures are unpredictable and generally unlikely to succeed, Russia has adopted a “soft strategy” for employing these measures, using a wide array of tactics without a clear picture of how they will ultimately serve its interests.

Russian hostile measures span the continent of Europe, from Sweden to Italy and Spain to Moldova.   While some measures are similar in many countries, such as its RT television network and its control of energy resources, Russia also tailors its approach.   Russia can reach out to the population of Russian and Soviet migrants and their children in Estonia and Latvia.   It can seek to exacerbate ethnic conflict in the Balkans by training paramilitaries in Bosnia or stir up strife by sowing discord in the Hungarian minority in Romania.   While Russian ties to the far right across Europe have attracted much of the attention, Russia has also allegedly forged relationships with far-left parties.   And modern Russian propaganda is similarly tailored, if inconsistent, in its messages.   Not all of
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Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

The parents of Sydney man Jack O'Brien, who was on MH17, recall the gut-wrenching moment they saw the faces of the four men who will be charged with their son's murder.

When will Commander Rogers and Lieutenant Commander Scott Lustig face trial for bringing down Flight 655?

Iran's only act of retaliation or retribution for the downing of Flight 655 was bringing forth a diplomatic and legal case for responsibility and restitution. Speaking to the UN Security Council shortly after the incident and addressing the international support for Iraq against Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati said:

Our people will not be able easily to forget or forgive this series of injustices, which have cost dearly in human and financial terms in the course of the continuation and expansion of the war.

But the tragedy of the attack on a civilian airliner and the horrible killing of innocent children and their mothers have so much affected public opinion among our people, as well as world public opinion, that we felt obliged to bring the carnage and its causes and consequences before the judgement of the international community for the sake of humanity and to safeguard international law.

Iran's allegations that the warship was far too technologically advanced to make such a catastrophic mistake were dismissed by the American government. When questioned about the incident while on a presidential campaign trail the following month, Bush barked, "I will never apologize for the United States of America, ever. I don't care what the facts are!"?

OCTOBER 16, 2013 ... Nearly all of these claims made by U.S. military and government officials about why Flight 655 was fired upon were lies, and the subsequent investigation was effectively one big cover-up, reports in Newsweek and by Nightline later revealed. - DEAD

There had been no merchant vessel in distress and no helicopter was ever dispatched from the Vincennes, let alone fired upon. The warnings by Vincennes radio operators had not been broadcast to air traffic control frequencies. There had been no visual confirmation of an approaching or attacking aircraft. Iran Air Flight 655 - with its nearly 300 passengers aboard - was well within its flight corridor, flying comfortably at 12,000 feet and steadily climbing. It had been in the air less than seven minutes. At the time it was hit, it was gradually turning away from where the Vincennes was located. It would have landed in Dubai about twenty minutes later.

... Vincennes commander Rogers was himself known to other naval officers as especially trigger-happy. Captain Carlson, who commanded the Sides, a frigate in the same Surface Action Group as the Vincennes, later said that the Flight 655 disaster "marked the horrifying climax to Rogers' aggressiveness.",9171,968106-1,00.html


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The topic is flight MH17 nothing to do with Iran Air at all