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Promote away!   Promote Your Forum!

Started 6/15/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 73721 views.

From: ElDotardo


Well, that's your perfect right, although I doubt you're being entirely honest with yourself.

My so-called spam is simply intended to set the table for the discussions you 'love.' It used to, but times have changed, I suppose.

Still, that's the technique I choose to employ . . .


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From: ElDotardo


ElDotardo said...


Just a reminder:


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This just in . . . 


From: ricardomath


I'll pass on your "opposing viewpoints".


From: ElDotardo



Wed, Jun 22 at 11:43 AM
ElDotardo Grande y Magnifico,

This is the most personal and vulnerable email I have ever sent you… But I must share my story and tell you why I created the BLEXIT Foundation. 

Before I share my story, allow me to introduce the BLEXIT Foundation. 

For too long, I have watched Black Americans force-fed a message of victimhood, fear, defeat, and dependence. And this has to stop. In 2019, with Brandon Tatum, we created BLEXIT Foundation - a nonprofit organization - dedicated to bringing traditional American principles and a message of empowerment to urban minority communities.

Our message to America’s black and minority communities is that you are not a victim. We promote economic independence and individual freedom, strengthening the nuclear family, and fostering a deeper appreciation for patriotism in Black American culture. 

Now I’ll share my story… racism, death threats, and empowering black communities.

Growing up as a black woman, I can recall learning how “helpless” I was told I was. And this message - which the media forces Black Americans to listen to - is heartbreaking.

We’re taught to believe we’re victims, that nothing will ever change, the police are our enemies, and racism prevents us from ever achieving our goals. 

This is WRONG. 

I’ve dealt with racism… I’ve even received death threats. Racism is an ugly form of collectivism and is unacceptable. 

But the solution is NOT to become a victim and give up. 

I created the BLEXIT Foundation to empower black communities, minorities, and the people in my life whom I love. Since our start in 2019, BLEXIT has grown substantially with over 41 grassroots chapter programs in 41 states, over 14,000 volunteer members and local community leaders, and nearly 60,000 grassroots supporters.

I am inviting you to support the BLEXIT Foundation and help us spread our winning message of entrepreneurship, school choice, faith, and family. My goal is to raise $25,000 from online supporters to fund our mission. Please click here to donate.

I am breaking the rules. 

It seems like every email I receive in my inbox engages in fear-mongering, makes big promises, and demands you and I make a donation without any of the details… I’m not doing that

You should know the details, believe in our mission, and understand how BLEXIT is changing the direction of our urban communities and our country. 

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