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Poll 2 - The Death Penalty   General Confusion

Started 6/3/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 8590 views.

It would be wonderful if more people took that message to heart.  Sadly his message is often twisted into an excuse to hate.

How often, and, to what significant harm? I submit that mankind, overall, is doing about as well as any flawed species could be expected to. And, generation to generation, we get better.

Either way, I'm happy to celebrate his birthday every year.  And Saint Nicholas was a great guy (before Coca Cola ruined his image).

You didn't know that it's his stock holdings in coca cola that fund all those presents for the kids?

Knowledge is necessary for humanity to evolve.  If we just accepted that God made everything and everything is just the way it should be, we'd still be living in caves.

Why? No, really, how does that compute for you? God made the heavens and the earth. Virtually no one says "everything is just the way it should be"! God also made us curious, and inventive. All comes from God. However, he also asks that we utilize those gifts to benefit all humankind. Take atomic weapons. His gifts allowed mankind to invent that terrible weapon. A horrible weapon that has probably saved more lives around the world in the past half century than have been lost in all the wars since WWI. Because it made all out war, impossible. As the computer said; "The only way to win is, not to play".

 God gave us intelligence and curiosity - so why would we not use it to better our understanding of the world? 

But, "we" do! "We" meaning mankind. You keep looking for perfection in an imperfect creature, why? Look at my country. In 1950 blacks had to use the green book to travel in dozens of states because few lodgings would accept them. They had virtually no rights. Yet, in less than two generations all of that hatred turned into acceptance for the vast majority of Americans. We now have a far better understanding of people, and of the fact that skin color doesn't denote a whit of difference.

God gave us sexuality, but we should be ashamed of it?

Who tells us we should be "ashamed of it"? The Christian religion simply tells us to keep it sacred in our lives. Because, it's final purpose is not the physical pleasure. Physical pleasure is an incentive to complete it's final purpose. Which is to create life, where there was none.

God gave us free will, but if we don't obey a particular set of rules we'll burn forever in eternal hellfire...

And, guess what? That ONLY affects people that believe it. You surely don't believe it, so, where's your beef?

True.  That whole Galileo incident is a PR nightmare.

It's also a blessing. Since there is one rule of humankind that is virtually never violated. We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.

Pretty much... the last abortionist murder was 2015, mostly they're just still vandalised or set on fire. 

Which CHURCH participated in any of that? The Christian church simply says, and rightly so, that human life is precious and should not be taken without just cause. Flawed men take that as excuse for violence. Should the church change its position and say "all human life is precious and should be protected, unless, a woman, who freely participated in the creation of human life, thinks that her life might become inconvenient to do so"?

Nope.  Dinosaurs don't exist in creationism.  The bones were placed there to test your faith.

Sigh, and there you go again. Using the minute minority to demean the vast majority. You seem to take your pleasures outside of the rules of civility.



Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph) 


I don't have the time today to answer this.  Sadly it was the last post on the unread list.

Poke me if I forget.


From: 1776 (MRCROSSROADS) 


I voted "Completely in Favour for all assaults, rapes, murders, drug traffickers ..."

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph) 



From: jra2750 


I M not a fan of the death penalty and never have been.  It's too expensive in that those sitting on death row take years and years to overturn the ruling costing taxpayers way too much money.  Much cheaper to keep them in prison until they die.  Staying in a confined cell with an hour or two of exercise is Hell on earth as it is.  Of course the Legal eagles love the death penalty.