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Bubonic plague   World Wide WTF?

Started 6/11/19 by Johneeo; 6417 views.

From: Johneeo


The least you could do is read it.

It is with great difficulty that I will address the incredible stupidity of your post.
First, New York City, and just about every major city in the USA has become a godless hellhole.
NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington have all literally become cesspools and completely lawless.
One problem for people like you is that you have no clue as to what is going on, as you rely on media reporting.
In just about every major city, crime is at all time highs.  Especially shootings and murder.

Within less than a year, we have seen an incredible boom in City investing, housing, and business success.  The cities were the places to be,
and the millennials were moving in in droves.  Now those same cities look like Beirut after a good bombing.  Rioting and looting are common place.
Try to do something about it good chance you get killed.  Police?  Abolish them or at least defund them like NYC.  Community Justice leaders will take
over those law enforcement needs.

Those living and working in these cesspools are leaving in droves.  And where are they going?  To the suburbs.
And they bring their ignorance and stupidity with them.  In my County, we have gone from Republican to Democrat,
basically due to the influence, money, and support of one George Soros.  Yes, he was able to get not only the Dems
in charge, but also our District Attorney.  So, yes, I am living it.  I see the results.

Our laws are now used to protect the guilty and suppress law abiding citizens.  Protect yourself from a mob that threatens
to kill you and your family, and it is you that has your guns confiscated and charged with crimes. 

I could go on, but it gets all so tiresome addressing the deranged lunacy of the left.



Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


It is disappointing that you have to immediately resort to insult.

Perhaps you would not feel it necessary to blindly lash out if you had a coherent argument.

You could not even refute a single point I made, let alone provide a cited and sourced one of your own.

All I saw was fear and rage.

I'm sorry I had to inform you that the nice man on TV who tells you what to think is wrong.

Did you at least watch the show about mail in ballots?

If you get one, you won't have to brave the bombed out streets of your suburb, currently on fire from all the looting.


From: Johneeo


First and foremost, Tucker declares that "nobody believes" that Biden is staying home due to Covid 19.

Ok.  I will give you that one.  Only idiots would believe that, so, a number of us sane people can see that Joe Biden has always suffered from advanced stupidity, and now it looks like dementia has taken control.

>>>>He then makes fun of Biden's gaffes, even going so far as to make assumptions about drug use in their "psychedelic quality"

A little bit of satire, maybe even humor.  I can see your conclusion though, as liberals lack the sense of humor.

Then we're on to the fear-mongering.

I addressed this in a previous post.  Literally all of our cities have become lawless hell holes.
Crime, shootings and murders have hit stratospheric heights, with no possibilities of abatement.  Well, maybe when everyone is dead or abandoned their cities we have some hope.

Now, Tucker has told you, night after night, that crime is surging in NYC.  Therefore, he is citing his own show and his own opinions as a source.  Not studies, or actual statistics.

A very simple google search will provide you with tons of articles on spiraling statistics.  Just one here.  Crime is destroying just about every major city in the USA.

The reason, is a change to the bail laws.
So abolishing bail, means criminals are out on the street.  But they are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, and therefore NOT criminals.

The above is so incredibly moronic I find it hard to discuss.  Anyone that could think like that is beyond reasonable discussion.  Terrorists set off bombs at the Boston marathon killing people.  They get arrested, but, they must be released because they are “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”.  Enough.

It is disappointing that you have to immediately resort to insult.

Well, I find the positions of the left way beyond insulting, but an assault on human decency.  Protect criminals, encourage racial hatred, protests, rioting, and looting.  And how about violence.  How many attacks have been made by leftists on decent citizens just because of support for Trump?  Just about a regularity, every day.  OTOH, attacks on liberals is just about non-existent. 

What I find disappointing is the deranged lunacy of the left, and worse, those that come to their defense and support them.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Thank you.  Now we're having a conversation.

Johneeo said:

a number of us sane people can see that Joe Biden has always suffered from advanced stupidity, and now it looks like dementia has taken control.

Biden was the WORST choice... after the crazy space lady.  After the clown car had cleared out (try saying that ten times fast), he was still in it.  He shouldn't have been.

They chose a moderate, despite the fact that moderates NEVER win.

A vote for Bernie would have been a vote FOR Bernie.  A vote for Biden is a vote for anyone but Trump.  No one is rallying behind that campaign.

The 2020 election is the Democrats to lose and they deserve to lose it with this colossally stupid decision.

I agree that Biden should take the same cognitive test that Trump had to take.  If he cannot ace it, everyone NEEDS to know now, before it is too late.

Now, on to crime in American cities.

You cited one source that said crime rates have soared during the pandemic.

Here are some others:

Crime drops around the world as COVID-19 keeps people inside - AP

Crime Rates Across U.S. Drop Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic - Forbes

Amid pandemic, crime dropped in many U.S. cities, but not all - WP

A Pandemic Bright Spot: In Many Places, Less Crime - NYT

The most important link, however, is this one:

How to find and interpret crime data during the coronavirus pandemic: 5 tips - PPI

1. The types of crimes, and targets of crimes, are changing during the pandemic

Among the crime trends observed during this pandemic are changes in the types of crimes and sites of crimes. Notably, violent crime has dropped, and burglaries have shifted away from home break-ins to target closed businesses instead.

2. Changes in policing will mean fewer arrests and lower crime rates

It’s important to remember that official crime data comes from law enforcement agencies, so it is a record of crimes reported to, or by, police. Therefore, as police practices change, so do crime statistics.

3. People may be less likely to report crimes, which will also lower crime rates

Not all crimes are reported to police by civilians, even under normal circumstances. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that in 2018, less than half (43%) of violent crime victimizations were reported to police, and an even smaller share (34%) of property crime victimizations were reported. Now that people are avoiding in-person contact for fear of contracting or spreading the coronavirus – even avoiding hospitals when they need them – it’s very likely that even fewer crimes are being reported to police. Victims of rape and sexual assault (crimes that are always underreported) may be even less likely to go to the police and undergo forensic medical exams. And given the heightened risk of infection in prisons and jails, victims of intimate partner violence or other domestic abuse may be even more reluctant to seek police intervention, which is likely to result in an arrest of at least one person, if not both.

(My part)  Domestic violence has risen sharply, due to the lockdown.  Hate crimes are up at the moment, but terrorist attacks are down.  Swings and roundabouts.

4. Local crime trends may vary a lot and appear dramatic

One reason that crime trends appear more exaggerated at the local level is that when the number of crimes is small enough, even relatively small changes are noticeable in the data. For example, as Bloomberg reported, the number of homicides in Austin was up 25% compared to the same time last year – but this was because of one additional homicide, taking the total count from 4 to 5. So it’s important to look critically at trends described in “percent change” terms, to consider how much actual change it reflects.

5. Where to find local crime data, and what questions to ask about it

  • What exactly is being measured? Is it arrests, crimes reported to police, all incidents known to police, calls for service, or something else? Are traffic violations or other low-level offenses included?
  • What does the baseline – or historical data – look like? What were crime rates (or counts) at the same time last year, and in the years before? Arrests are more common at certain times of the year (i.e. summer), so comparing similar time frames will help narrow down factors that might affect changes in the data. And remember that “percent change” can look very dramatic when you’re starting with a small baseline amount of crime (such as homicides).
  • If crime has increased, what kinds of crimes have gone up? Noticing that crime rates overall have gone up is not necessarily reason to sound the alarms; this may reflect an increase in non-violent property offenses among people desperate for money in an economic crisis, or problems with substance abuse among people who are experiencing extreme distress. On the other hand, some upticks in reported crime may deserve more attention right now, such as an increase in domestic violence or online scams.
  • How have local routines changed, and could that affect crime patterns? Are most people staying home? Are businesses downtown closed? Are people leaving cars
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


You HAVE done your homework!

How many hours are in your daily clock?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


That took less than one.

Unemployed librarian - I know how to research.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)



From: Johneeo


Just about every day we see this in our Democrat run cities.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Why would Chicago waste police and resources to protect the statue of a mass murdering idiot?

Especially given that he NEVER set foot in America, let alone "discovered it".