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Egypt   Africa and the Middle East

Started 6/18/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 409 views.

From: bml00


The end of the Yom Kippur war saw Israel in Egypt cutting off the entire Egyptian army on the other bank thus cutting them off from resupply /water etc .

I was on my first visit to Egypt heading towards Cairo with Sharons tank brigade

The end of the war and the Camp David peace agreement saw every last cm of the Sinai returned to the Egyptians with their army filling the void left by ours - at the border there is an agreed DMZ  with confirmed troops and equipment stationed and monitered , this has never broken down

The 73 war for Egypt was a turning point , it had regained its land , its prestige and to a degree it could claim some excellent miltiary prowess , I fought this war on both the Golan and a few days later on the Canal

The Camp David peace agreement gives an annual stipend to Egypt of circa $2 billion which is being paid till this day

Egypt in 1973 could not win , we had destroyed their entire missile defence system , we had taken huge quantities of Russian equipment , the Egyptian army was on the verge of collapse , that turning point for them and us has cemented a peace which has developed to trade

Israel has transformed the Egyptian Textile Industry and is deeply involved in their Petro Chemical Industry etc - through the peace with Israel , Egypt got its chance to export to the US with an agreement which requires that all products in the US market MUST HAVE a minimum of between 8 to 20% Israeli input into the product

The same as the above also happened in Jordan and the US fyi


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It usually has to do with illegal syphoning of oil