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A bit of French Culture   The U.K and Europe

Started 6/20/19 by Di (amina046); 10638 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


RGoss99 said:

Being offended is a personal choice, nothing to do with me.

This statement lacks empathy and self awareness that words have consequences.

RGoss99 said:

I would say it is rather embarrasing to ask a question when you have already posted the answer which says in effect, that a Frenchman, one of the founders of the current Olympic Games, gave a speech in French to French people,why would any intelligent person question the fact that it was in French.

The problem with this analysis is the small detail that I did not, actually, ask a question.

I made a statement.

The difference between a statement and a question can be seen in many ways.

The most obvious, being the sentence ends with question mark.  Like this: "?"

The statement I made was just me musing aloud about the fact that everything at the Olympics is said in English and French.

I recall it went something along the lines of "Huh... I always wondered why they repeated everything in French..."

There was no question, stupid, or otherwise.  Because there was no question mark.  It was just a thought I wrote down.

I expect a G=G+1 in response to your error.


From: RGoss99


In no particular order...

Your "I wonder why" is a question for two reasons:

1. When a person says "I wonder" to another person, it is an implied request for assistance to solve a problem, in this case "why in French" which is so obvious from your own post, I can´t imagin why you are wondering. On the other hand it could one of your passive-aggressive crits, for which you do not want to be held responsible.

2. root unit in the word "question" is "que" [Latin for "what"] If you know anything about the English language or general linguistice,you would know that the "wh." in "why" as in when, who, what implies a question of some sort - it does not matter if you used a question mark or not,  statement is a question. Parallel example, that got King Henry II, excommunicated, even though he did not order Thomas Becket assassinated. All he had to say was<WH>>o will rid me of this troublesome priest" no question mark, but was taken as a question which was responded to by killing Becket. Then again your English teachers were probably before the days when semantics wa a required course, and thought, and taught you, that questions (implying all questions) should end with a question mark, which is false. Not only that, all statements ending in a question mark are not necessarily questions.

As to "This statement lacks empathy and self awareness that words have consequences"

Two issues, it is true that all words carry the possibility of consequence. Unfortunately what causes those consequences are not necessarily the responsibility of the one who uses them. What you are saying is that, unlike absolutists, "this statement lacks empathy <<to you>> which makes it at least 50% your problem, but not mine in this context.

The other issue, is if your post was not a crit for the French person writing in French in a French context, why did you post this if not a question which the contest and grammar implies.

A person,who did not get caught up in one´s own personal issues, would say, "Sorry, I did not notice in my post that the response to "why" was already included in my initial post, and moved on with one´s personal life instead of changing the subject, e.g. hijacking one´s own thread.


Note that extending his diversion without a reasonable answer to my question, if not a quetion why did you post it.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Good god man! Don’t you have a party to go to? Or at least have a drink at the local Fonda with a friend?


From: RGoss99


off course, with my students, beginning at 11:45, here in Turkey, went and just got back after 02:00. We had a long day, with me giving lectures in Hierapolis and Ephisus, and one in Troy today, so, as we have already been partying since last Saturday night, and will continue until Saturday in Istanbul, plus Vespers of the Epiphany (12th day of Christmas, as in the carol) in Barcelona Sunday, I am about partied out. The only free time I have is around dinner when I answer my e-mail, document my research and prepare for the next lecture. But since, uninvited, and off topic,I might wel ask you the same question. Note that you are responding to an off topic thread diversion started by a person who asked a supid question for which I provided the answer from a URL she provided in the post where she says she did not ask the question she asked. Sowhat is your problem¿



From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

That was unnecessarily mean.

I'm seeing massive mean-ness in this Forum.

All of it aimed at people who contribute a lot.

Whereas I see at least one, possibly two commentators flashing their fascist credentials and talking points and nobody being mean to them.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
RGoss99 said:

In no particular order... Your "I wonder why" is a question for two reasons:

I'm going to stop you right there.

I said "I wondered why", not "I wonder why".

This makes it a statement, not a question.

I did not bother reading anything after that, as it simply followed on from your original mistake.

Just out of curiosity - as a teacher - do you insist that your students do their research properly?


From: RGoss99


Past or present tense makes no difference when you post a question from the past in the present because it still remains a question, otherwise why did you post it in the present, except to get an answer? Note that the solution to your problem here is the unanswered question as to the motivation for the post in the first place. I can see two possibilities, either it is still a question in your mind, or as a simple statement, a passive-agressive crit for the translaion being in French. If the latter, what is your problem with it being in French?

G=G+1 for a non answer to a specific question while rabbiting on in a personal off topic attack. Either you are too ignorant of the fact that French people speak French in France, or knowing that, in your prejudice, you feel that they should speak in English.


From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

I'm going to stop you right there. I said "I wondered why", not "I wonder why". This makes it a statement, not a question.

You might feel better in yourself if you stuck to chatting agreeably with self-confessed fascists.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

I get it, Goss.

You are a teacher.

But I am not one of your students - and that is a relief.  For you clearly oppose anyone questioning anything you say.

I wonder what would happen if one of your students disagreed with a statement you made?

That was a question.

I wondered about this.

That was a statement.  An observation of an action, or previous state of being.

G=G+1 for the way you ended the  post with an unnecessary insult.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
BerrySteph said:

You might feel better in yourself if you stuck to chatting agreeably with self-confessed fascists.

Goss isn't a fascist.