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NGSW Phase 2 Consolidation and info   Small Arms <20mm

Started 30/8/19 by gatnerd; 524440 views.

From: roguetechie


I would guess it's UHMWPE combined with other things yes, I think the difference is in how that UHMWPE is STRUCTURED in this "plate".

Hey so TOTALLY UNRELATED SIDENOTE, did you know you can make shapes out of ABS and PLA that stop 380 rounds?!

I think what we're seeing is essentially bulk structured materials at work here, (the terminology for what this actually is might be different but the end result is quite similar)

There's a whole bunch of really neat and tantalizing stuff that's sorta broken the surface in the past few years that essentially hits tech news like hey look at this cool thing, it could be useful sometime in the future and then you hear nothing about it after that.

Like roving pedant points out, judging by the weight plus the thickness we know of it would almost have to be some sort of UHMWPE with significant air spaces internally and very likely with small amounts of heavier materials adding to it's structural reinforcement.

I suspect it would be EXTREMELY INTERESTING to saw one of these bad boys open.


From: Farmplinker


So a 25mm grenade launcher as a PDW in say, 20 years?


From: stancrist


What if the enemy is closer than the grenade's arming distance?

Jeff (Jefffar)

From: Jeff (Jefffar)


They get hit with a  25mm rifled slug


From: Gr1ff1th


An interesting update concerning the True Velocity/GD/Lonestar NGSW, apparently they've directly acquired Lonestar future weapons, and interestingly it says there is only 2 teams left in the program although I do not know if this is actually the case, but the news says it was from True Velocity so who knows, surely we would have heard from Textron themselves or from the Army if something has happened to the Textron bid

Edit : It also says the TV/LSFW will be working on a lightweight medium machine gun in the future

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From: Farmplinker


"Picatinny, we have a problem."scream


From: poliorcetes


Actually it would be really strange that a competitor announces the quit of another one. Besides, since bullpup family is alledgedly rejected by the comission, maybe either two of the bids have been merged (TV ammo and SiG designs) or that mention of two competitors is just a mistake


From: roguetechie


Yeah, this is not good news with Textron apparently being out.

The absolute best we can hope for at this point is TV ammo in sig guns and that's fuckin grim.

The lightweight MMG thing is at least hopeful.