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Where can i find some technical info and learn more about russian made automatic   General Military Discussion

Started 7/9/20 by tidusyuki; 1068 views.

From: tidusyuki


EDIT: title got butchered so here's the original title. "Where can i find some technical info and learn more about russian made automatic guns?"

Usually i can easily find some internal mechanism drawings of some older (but still used in present times) US or europe made guns. But russian made guns are almost impossible to find. For example you can easily find technical drawings of an AR15/M16 parts floating around but not an AK47.

Now i'm not looking for a real technical drawing with their accurate dimensions nor planning to illegally make a firearms or anything.
I'm a hobbyist gun designer and i would like to get some info on russian made machine gun and learn more about their working internal mechanisms, especially large caliber guns such as the later version of Dshk, Kord, NSV, KPV14, 2A42, GSh series and other large caliber gun that is still used by them to this day.


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From: autogun


The standard work on the subject is Chris Koll's Soviet Cannon, which covers guns and ammunition from 12.7 mm calibre to 57 mm. Nothing much in the way of technical drawings, IIRC, but lots of description and photos. The paper books sold out long ago and are likely to be very expensive should one of them happen to escape captivity, but it's still available on a CD from the author.


From: roguetechie

7/9/20 in their archive section.

There are armorer manuals for ak akm ak74 ak74m both rpk's pkm and a bunch more.

There's also really good stuff on the south African ss77 guns and other comparatively rare stuff.

I also have a decent R4 armorer manual as well as one Finnish rk63 manual that's over a hundred pages if you need them.

Really it would probably be easiest for both you and me if you could make a response with a list of guns you're interested in and what kind of information you want about them.

I'll do my best to point you in helpful directions. Also if you join and make enough posts to access the full pattern room subforum there's untold riches available there for the taking.


From: mpopenker


You need to learn Russian. Seriously

Or at least learn to use some online translator effectively

Then you can search Runet (Russian language Internet segment) for all kinds of stuff, from tech manuals to patents and textbooks for weapon designers.

For serachning in Russian I recommend Yandex search engine 


From: tidusyuki


I actually found out about that book just before making this post and really interested before but unfortunately it would be really hard to get it legitimately let alone shipping it to my country. And i can't find any info whether they sold in pdf format or not either.

But i found some useful information of russian cartridges on that site so i guess that counts. thanks anyway!


From: tidusyuki


roguetechie said:

I'll do my best to point you in helpful directions. Also if you join and make enough posts to access the full pattern room subforum there's untold riches available there for the taking.

that would be a treasure for gun designer like me!. I'll be sure to check it out.

I actually able to learn a lot about gun designs by reading gun pdf manuals because most of the times they have useful disassembly instruction and pictures of exploded views showing the internal mechanism.

i'm currently in progress of designing a large caliber machine gun, possibly 12.7 cal or higher
so like i said in my original post, i'm in a journey of finding some technical infos of large caliber russian made guns like the dishka, kpv, nsv, and etc.

I know about the older design of the dishka that uses rotary feed sprocket, but i'm more interested in the different  version of the dshk which uses different feed mechanism.

Also if possible i would like to learn more about the mechanism of russian autocannon like the 2A42, KPV 14.5 and the GSh series.


From: tidusyuki


There's also the russian military forums. i forgot which one, but i think it's more focused in aviations. did you perhaps know any russian patent websites out there?


From: QuintusO


I have a full set of AK blueprints. PM me.


From: mpopenker


Russian patent system is working together with Euro patent systems, so many non-classified patents issued in Russia after 1991 and until present time can be found through the European patent office website:

You need to use prefix RU for patent publication No, and CPC / IPC class F41 for weapons. Example: all weapons related Russian patents for 2020:

search criteria:


And of cause you can narrow your search results by class or description

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From: Lorrybaker


I agree. You can try to translate into Russian using Google translator. But to be honest, I have been using another online service to translate hawaiian to english for my travel blog for a long time. I like the reliability and ease of use of this platform, as well as the comprehensive functionality. Usually, I use machine translation based on artificial intelligence to translate simple texts. So I think it's a great fit to solve your problem.