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16mm Vega Machine Cannon   Small Arms <20mm

Started 11-Sep by Barnowlgreen; 267 views.

From: Barnowlgreen


16mm Vega Machine Cannon
I stumbled on some more information about the gun that fired the 16mm Vega round. This comes from the US Patent No.2,466,577.
Designed by A.Corte this was a gas operated & recoil operated system with three bolts that roatated (a little like a revolver cannon). One bolt extracted the round from the belt, one places the round in the chamber for firing and the other places the empty cartridge case back in the belt. The belt enters and exits the gun on the same side. 
The bolt has two locking pieces on the rear of the bolt to lock into the breech, these are forced outwards to lock by pivoting cams. 
From what I can gather the gas piston operated the bolts and the recoil operates the belt mechanism. the bolts are on a ring which rotates 120° for each cycle of the gun while the the cartridge feeding mechanism rotates 60° during reach counter recoil stroke of the barrel.
This discription is no doubt incomplete as I found it hard to follow what the patent is describing, but I think i have described the main points.
If the belt was in some kind of loop in the magazine this could make for a very self contained system, useful for gun turrets or for pusher engine fighters. Also there would be no problem of ejected empty cases hitting other aircraft, say bombers in formation. Also better for nose guns as there is less weight change so less trim effect.
The bolts keep the round under positive control through out the cycle which would reduce jams and the effect of G forces.
hope this interests you and look up the patent and see if you understand it better than me! 


From: taschoene


The US Patent is here: 

The designer, Alfred Corte, shows up in several other Lockheed patents around the same time for gun turrets and so forth.

He also makes one other really unusual appearance, in the September 1944 issue of Broadcasting magazine: 

W6XAO Damaged

AFTER an alleged attempt to chop down five doors of W6XAO, television station owned and operated by Don Lee Broadcasting System, Hollywood, with fire ax and a heavy timber, Alfred Corte, designing engineer of Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Burbank, Cal., was taken into custody on Aug. 23 and booked on suspicion of burglary. 


From: autogun


According to the History of Modern Military Small Arms Ammunition, the round for the 16 mm Vega was based on the .50 BMG, only necked-out, with the shoulder moved forwards and the rim turned down a bit to make it rebated.  The projectile was HE.

The gun was apparently very slim which meant it could fit into thin wings, hence Lockheed's interest.