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Over-the-shoulder support AND top silouette breaker   Small Arms <20mm

Started 11-Feb by poliorcetes; 261 views.

From: poliorcetes


This contraption seems to be quite difficult to get adopted

It could be useful for SAW shooters, not so much for rifle shooters - specially compared with Aim Control Enhancer or its successors.  When prone, such reaper support would be quite conspicuous

But then I thought about camouflage umbrellas, either more prepared ones such as this or the ones that Allerberger mentioned that used just removing the cloth from an umbrella

Now, if a support such as reaper weapon support system could have attached a camouflage umbrella fitted with light ghillie fabric or something like that, it would be a thing


Because in this decade, Cat I RPAs and weaponized commercial drones are going to be a growing menace. Computer vision is going to mature quickly as a way for identify and target combatants, and it is going to be based on human silouette recognition from above.

If a camouflage umbrella breaks top silouette, it could offer a meaningful protection from loitering drones

What do you people think about this concept?

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


In the last couple of years, lots of light and small short ghillies were developed for nonsniper use and I don't see a camouflaged umbrella as a thing. 

All sorts of variations of the cobra suit theme, from simple with 3d leaft camo to fully garnished ones  


From: poliorcetes


Pay attention to my highlight about RPA's computer vision. They are going to check from above, and the silhouette that would need to be broken is the top one.

I really would like to test properly if such implement is also beneficial when the subject is watched from a similar height. 


From: roguetechie


The first issue with this is uncooled thermal imaging setups are dirt cheap and thus you're not going to breaking up the human shape in the right wavelengths. You're just not going to come up with a thermal parasol good enough to get around this.

The second issue with this is It's at BEST going to be ridiculously body position dependent at the best of times and an active hindrance at least as bad if not worse than the third arm device a majority of the rest of the time.

The third, and biggest, issue with this is if you wanna make your belt fed guys better able to keep up on the assault and etc... Adding more weight and snag hazard and general fiddliness is the opposite of the answer you're actually looking for.

They can't keep up and keep accurate fire going out of because they're overloaded! Adding more load doesn't fix this!

Do you know what does fix it?

The RPL-20

The RPL-20 fixes it.

Rather than finding more and more complex ways to compensate for your too heavy to do their job belt feds, you build BETTER LIGHTER BELT FEDS!

The m240 and m249 are very old designs that weren't even known as notably lighter than their contemporaries at the Time they were developed. (The m249 most especially, it was by far the heaviest gun of the guns it competed against)

That said, I'm not completely opposed to technological workarounds like this where they may actually be necessary or useful.

And the rpa concern is very much legitimate.

On the note of this particular device in question though, it's also kinda poorly implemented.

I believe that if you wanted to go this route or with some variation on it, you could consult fishing rod makers, compound bow makers, and crossbow makers and put them in contact with your passive exoskeleton people etc and wind up with something much slicker, lighter, and more fit for something closer to a general purpose use case.

It's not a horrible idea in itself but the implementation and your thoughts on a secondary use are a bit dodgy