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Perun X16   Small Arms <20mm

Started 14-May by Mr. T (MrT4); 4716 views.
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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


The DI AK conversion , details can be seen from  around 7:00 on

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From: nincomp


 l love the comment from the video:  "What's the purpose for this AK?   We're not sure yet, but it shows potential."

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From: poliorcetes


the specific implementation of direct inpingement is quite close to MAS-49 one. It could be very reliable, although it would vent a nice amount of residues onto receiver


From: mpopenker


It still will be much less reliable than a standard AK action because you lost a whole lot of spare impulse / energy due to decreasde mass of the bolt group

and you need all this inertia when gun is dirty, or low on lube, or frozen

you cannot cheat the physics


From: tidusyuki


Adding adjustable gas block probably will do in adverse condition. Although im curious about the stress put on the trunnion seeing as it hosts the tappet piston as well. Also from the slow motion i noticed the bolt carrier was trying to jump out of the rail in the end of its travel not sure if it was because the dust cover is removed.

But in my opinion for a non-military rifle it's a great concept and promises a lot of advantages like improved accuracy and optional removable barrel mentioned in the video. Mark Serbu also designed a rifle with similar concept called diabolus.

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Diabolus i think is an aluminum recreation of Ar18 

The DI AK is/was a mule for Perun X16 ,i think the driver was the input from competitive shooters like , DI guns outclass others in dynamic shooting where the follow-up shots are faster than anything with the piston. 

Although they are now working on making a cheap(sub 1000$) mass-produced version of Perun (one of the designers that they contract to also works for me on my guns) i think they are not looking at the Mil/Le market just jet although that will change once gun is refined.


From: roguetechie


So Diabolos is actually an AR18 alike running an ACR "Juarez" style gas system, not a straight up short stroke. It uses a gas tube to transfer gas to the piston which is just forward of the front trunnion.

The Juarez gas system is pretty interesting though and has plenty of merits with which to compensate for the gun otherwise being pretty uninspired.

The Tink "DI" AK isn't so much DI as basically a Holloway hac 7 "ak". The Holloway system could be considered a direct predecessor to the Juarez ACR system.

In both cases they're kinda neat and all but they should be recognized as what they are, which is basically just hk416 level novelties.

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


With well over 100years of auto-loading actions in development so many things have been tried and developed that , longer development auto-loading actions is going on less likely you get a new system, more likely you are just getting into small branches of main tired and tested developments ,unless there is some drastic change in ammo I don't expect any radical concepts of Auto-loading action like HK11 or Styer ACR making it. 


From: roguetechie


There's still an awful lot of progress that could be made with clean sheet designs though.

Especially since manufacturing technology and material science has changed a lot since the venerable designs we keep reheating and mixing and matching were originally conceived.

While I have no doubt that the guns we're discussing are fun and interesting guns in their own right, I think it's important that people understand that we could do substantially better in the current year if people would sit down and design from a clean sheet.

I've seen what could conceivably be done if we did this and it's well worth the effort.

It's possible to do sub 5 pound guns that dissipate heat and recoil to levels which we know would provide a materially significant advantage to whoever actually goes and does it first.


From: Farmplinker


We know the UBERRIFLE is possible, but other than the US, Japan, and probably China, who could afford to deploy it?