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Improving the 6.8   General Military Discussion

Started 16-Jul by smg762; 411 views.

From: smg762


I was reading the old body armour thread and the consensus was that either tungsten  cores are needed or a more exotic ammo type.

Could one Improve the penetrative of the 6.8 with this approach.

A 40mm long FABRL style bullet the 792 CETME it's only 110 grain so the steel core can comprise more of the weight.

Instead of the usual 556 core you have a 4.2mm rod which runs the entire length of the bullet.

This means you have a heavy flechette hitting with extreme energy. Ideally the surrounding jacket is designed to shave off extremely easily. Could one use a softer material than lead...

Anyway do you think it would work?

And given that steel isn't too heavy, what's the heaviest you could make the rod?

(I'm guessing 60grain)

Edit....what's the weight of current 6.8 (just the steel core)

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From: gatnerd


I recall Emeric stating that a 32mm (?) long steel core had comparable penetration to a 20mm long Tungsten core. Based on testing of a 7.62 with a full length steel core and half jacket. 

The RUAG HC is a modern version of the french design:

However any penetration range will be limited as level IV is stopping M993 at 2850fps impact velocity. And while a long steel core may match M993, I'd be surprised if it exceeded it.

The Aeroshell is the most promising steel or tungsten option, as ~90% of the projectile weight is penetrator. Sort of like a non-discarding sabot but with better BC:

SOCOM is looking into this, so we'll hopefully know if it works sometime in the future. 


From: smg762


well the whole idea was the slimness of the core - 4.2mm. essentially its a flechette, and that will perform better than the usual .22 core. 

also the bullet is a fabrl style, only 110 grains. ideally its hollow. thus the core can be 80 you think a 40mm steel rod could reach that weight?

whats the current weight of the 6.8 steel core

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From: stancrist


AFAIK, weight of the 6.8 "steel core" has not been made public.

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From: QuintusO


If you want to maximize penetration, just go with a flechette. However, the requirement for the 6.8 isn't just armor penetration, but includes behind armor effects too, therefore mandating the ADVAP style construction.