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Forum ownership   Non-military topics

Started 24-Aug by autogun; 2765 views.

From: autogun


This is to let you know that I have handed over ownership of this forum to gatnerd, with immediate effect.

This is a part of my gradual withdrawal from involvement in discussions about guns and ammunition, which started with my retirement from editorship of Jane's Ammunition and the ECRA Bulletin. I have recently been concerned with putting some of my knowledge in book form, the first being Infantry Weapons and Ammunition: A Century of Development, published this year. This will be followed up by two similar collections of articles and presentations, one dealing with larger calibre ammunition from anti-tank rifles to mortars and WW2 tank guns, the other focusing on aircraft guns. Finally, of course, my magnum opus - Autocannon: A History of Automatic Cannon and Ammunition, due in a couple of months.

After that, I will have said (almost) all that I want to say on this subject, the "almost" being that I am now working on a thoroughly revised version of The Foresight War (titled The Foresight War Revisited) which will include quite a lot on WW2 guns and ammunition of all calibres.

So I no longer have much interest in participating in discussions on this forum, but I wouldn't like to see it closed down, so after considering recent posting history I decided to offer ownership to gatnerd, who has accepted it.

I wish gatnerd, and the rest of you, all the best!


From: TonyDiG



Good luck with your books!



From: EmericD


Thank you Tony for the work done during all those years.

It was a great honour for me to meet you in Shrivenham.


From: JPeelen



thank you very much for all the time and labor you invested in running this forum to the benefit of the contributors and the many, many more readers who remained silent.

I wish you all the best personally and for your future publications.  


From: stancrist


Tony, it has been an honor and a privilege.  I wish you every success.

Gatnerd, I wish you all the best in taking on this mission.  Good luck!


From: njb3737


Tony ,

Thank you for all the work you put in creating this excellent forum.

This place is a quality forum and long my it continue.

Best of luck on your writing and the new ‘owner’ will have the support of all who enter this site.

Great work , well done.


From: gatnerd


Thank you for creating such a wonderful forum Tony, and for sharing your wealth of knowledge over the years. 

For myself and many others, you've created a little 'home away from home' here on this forum. And I'll do my best to run it as well as you have. 



From: nincomp



I very much appreciate the work that you have put into keeping this an interesting and civil forum.  I think that I have visited this forum more than any other for the past 15 years.  Good luck with your other endeavors.


ps, if you ever wondered where "Nincomp" came from:




From: poliorcetes


Tony, thank you very much for all these years of work and care of this one of a kind forum. I have learn here a lot from you and the rest of the fellows. 

I totally respect your decision... but I hope that you will offer your views after NGSW program is concluded!

Muchísimas gracias por todo. 


From: poliorcetes


Congratulations for maintaining this privileged place. I do hope that it will serve as many years as until now.