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Attn: nincomp   Non-military topics

Started 4-Sep by stancrist; 660 views.

From: stancrist


Have you received any of the PM's that I tried to send to you recently?

I received your PM, but it seems like my responses are not going thru.


From: nincomp


No, I have not.

I'll check my settings to see if something is amiss.


From: nincomp


OK, try again.


From: stancrist


Okay, it appears to be working, now.  However, I couldn't see any way to embed photos in a PM, so I'm going to reply to your original message here.

(Note to gatnerd:  If you deem this topic inappropriate, and decide to delete the post -- or the entire thread -- I hope you will please wait until after nincomp has read it.)

nincomp said:

What the hell did you do over on the Grendel forum? They seem to have their panties all in a bunch? Did you tell them that their wives were running out and shooting 6.8 SPC when no one was looking?

Heh, heh.  No, but I wish I had thought of saying that.  smile

Below is what I posted:


BluntForceTrauma said:

So many abuses of power. Every little "crisis" — real or imagined — is used to further the brutish agenda of the tyrannical Elite.

The Second Amendment is THE Number One Target of the tyrannical Elite and the last bastion of freedom in the whole world.

John, your concern over tyranny and loss of freedom is supremely ironic, considering you established the Grendel forum as a dictatorship in which the members have no rights, and your restrictions on freedom of speech rival those of communist nations.

More irony: Your most active moderator (LR1955) is a petty tyrant, an irrational individual given to temper tantrums, and whose arbitrary judgments are final, their execution immediate, and from which members have no appeal or remedy for injustice.

BluntForceTrauma said:

Stan, you've crossed the line from debating issues to antagonizing members.

Yes, we both know they should be more mature, more thick-skinned, more able to either simply ignore or intelligently disagree — but here we are. You know, full well, how these forum gun guys are.

John, when you say I know how "these forum gun guys" are, you insult the entire membership. It is only a few members who have shown themselves to be emotionally immature and thin-skinned.

And I do not understand why anyone would feel antagonized by my posts. All I've posted are verifiable facts and my honest thoughts. Apparently some folks here cannot handle truth and honesty.

BluntForceTrauma said:

Sorry, Stan, you gotta argue politics elsewhere.

You know we've been back and forth and really tried but your detailed and tenacious and ubiquitous style just does not work here.

You've really tried? Seriously? Here's what you (and LR1955) have tried:

- Locking threads to prevent me from responding to erroneous statements and false accusations.

- Banning me for bogus reasons.

- Blocking my access to Room 2A to prevent me from expressing my opinions.

- And my favorite, when you set it up two years ago so that every thread of mine -- and all of my posts in other threads -- were hidden from view, and my existence on the forum was almost completely erased.

That last one was very Orwellian. If I had used automatic log in when entering the forum, I would never have realized anything was different, because when I was logged in, all of my posts and threads were visible to me. Presumably, your intent was to let me go on posting as much as I wanted, while being blissfully unaware that nobody was seeing any of my posts.

It was devious and clever, but not clever enough. I caught on after making one post.

What you did not try:

- Firing LR1955 from his position as moderator.

In early 2019 I complained to you that LR1955 is unfair, unreasonable, capricious, given to temper tantrums, and increasingly irrational. He doesn't just enforce forum rules and maintain order. He invents his own, purely arbitrary "mandates" that he demands everyone obey.

LR1955 locks threads, not because any forum rules were broken, but because he takes a personal dislike to the topic or the author. For example, the "RPG" thread in the Military forum, locked by Gene because "it had nothing to do with 6.5 Grendel." That's a phony excuse, since 70% of the threads in that forum have nothing to do with 6.5 Grendel, but have not been locked.

LR1955 also locked threads after making false statements about me, to prevent me from correcting his falsehoods. He's done this many times. One of the most egregious instances is the "Bump Stock Ban" thread:

LR1955 said:

Christmas Eve and you got to put up a picture like that?

1. It had nothing to do with bump stocks.

2. It was graphic and offensive.

3. It is not appropriate for a forum whose content is for families.

a. It was a photo of an actor with some smudges of fake blood on his face. Anyone who considers it to be "graphic and offensive" must be a very delicate flower indeed.

b. The photo did pertain to bump stocks. It was photoshopped to show "Now I have a bump stock" in lieu of the original "Now I have a machine gun" on the actor's sweat shirt.

c. Christmas Eve was the perfect time to post that picture, because it was a scene from the best "gun guy" Christmas movie of all time. And probably the favorite Christmas movie of many members of the Horde.

The photo I posted is no longer on the internet, but below is the original version.

And by the way, I did not delete LR55's post. I deleted MY post. If he did not want me to delete his comments, he should not have put them in my post.

LR1955 is also a hypocrite. When a photo of an actual human corpse was posted, there was not a single word from LR1955 about it being "graphic and offensive" or inappropriate for family viewing:

LR1955 has repeatedly made false statements about me and what I've said. One example:

...[Message truncated]
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From: Farmplinker


And people think it's bad here! Definitely sounds like they need a new moderator.


From: nincomp


I can see how that upset some people.


From: stancrist


Yeah.  Sometimes the truth hurts...


From: stancrist


Farmplinker said:

And people think it's bad here!

Really?  I never saw Tony abuse his power.  Tony was also very tolerant, perhaps to a fault.  One person was allowed to be a member here despite his propensity for berating and insulting other members.  Such an individual would not last long on the Grendel forum.  I wonder how he will fare here, now that the person he used to insult most often is the new owner of the forum...

Farmplinker said:

Definitely sounds like they need a new moderator.

Nah, they just need to get rid of that one.  They have one other moderator who is fair, tolerant, reasonable, and does not abuse his power.  Unfortunately, the forum owner allows the primary moderator -- a former Army officer -- to act as if he is the commander of a military unit, and the members are soldiers who must obey his orders without question.

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