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The Bullpup is Dead   Small Arms <20mm

Started 5/9/21 by QuintusO; 33947 views.

From: gatnerd


farmplinker2 said:

Didn't they sell out in a couple hours?

They just did another batch, alas also rapidly sold out. Steyr seems to time their releases for when my finances are at their worst / bills at their highest, so I missed this batch as well. 


Meanwhile they are teasing a new rail system:

It's handsome, but I think the rail doesn't make much sense for the 16" version, as ergonomically a vertical grip is more comfortable at that distance from the shoulder. However a longer rail sized for the 20" barrel would be great, as thats a length where the C-clamp grip becomes comfy, and would also keep the hand far enough away from the gas port. 

A photoshop of a 20" rail from manticore to give an idea:

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


There are some tubular forend options for AUG from clawgear ,corvus defensio etc , but its hard to make a decent rail without having it cut for gasblock , Clawgear does have a cut while Corvus hides the gas block completely resoulting in a humongus forend width . Manticore is slimer as it leaves gasblock outside but imagine griping that hot gas block by accident Folks shoud just skip the whole round extrusion attempt and just make a lower and upper rail that could be much slimmer and likely asymmetric to cover the gas block while retaining slim handguard.

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From: gatnerd


Details on Steyrs .300 BLK barrel, which has an impressive # of Gas settings (4x supersonic, 1x subsonic setting, and gas off setting for use as a super quiet bolt action)

A .300 Blackout Steyr AUG is FINALLY ON THE WAY!

In this episode of TFBTV, @JamesReeves talks to Brian Marshall, head of the Steyr Academy, about the upcoming Steyr AUG in .300 Blackout. Already in service ...

Steyr is finally seeming to embrace the modularity of the design. 


From: farmplinker2


.350 Legend with a left-handed bolt would be my new deer rifle.


From: stancrist


Someone Proved that Bullpups are Better than AR-15s

In 2014, a university study proved - with, possibly, science - that the bullpup platform used by rifles like the FN FS2000, Steyr AUG, IWI Tavor, or Springfi...


Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


These Ar15 familiar users could do same or better with Bullpup

It just shows typical PDW operator skill level .


Watch "ssstwitter.com_1698484416839" on Streamable.


From: stancrist


Heh, heh.  I suppose that video does show typical PDW operator skill level, but I must say that most of the operators shown do not look very "AR15 familiar"...  relaxed

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From: stancrist


Meme time.  grin

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From: stancrist


Why are modern bullpups typically not only ugly, but also very bulky and quite ass heavy?

Early, post-WW2 bullpup rifles like the T31 and EM2 were slender, well-balanced designs.


From: EmericD


stancrist said:

Why are modern bullpups typically not only ugly, but also very bulky and quite ass heavy? Early, post-WW2 bullpup rifles like the T31 and EM2 were slender, well-balanced designs.

Maybe because you need to put your face very close to the action, and current rifles are designed to (safely) deliver large amount of automatic fire?

I imagine that the T31 was never designed to be able to shoot 200+ rounds in a few minutes, without inflicting serious burns to the shooter.