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Israeli robotic Machine Gun used to assassinate Iranian scientist    Small Arms <20mm

Started 20-Sep by gatnerd; 653 views.

From: gatnerd


Pretty excellent story in the NYT about the Robo-GPMG used to ice one of Iran's top guys last year. Archive link to bypass paywall:

Overall an interesting development - we are likely to see more ground based drones / weapons used in the future, both for espionage and warfare. For example, a robotic GPMG/HMG could be dropped onto a mountainside, and used as a long term area denial weapon to guard a border crossing in a conflict zone. etc. 

Iranian agents working for the Mossad had parked a blue Nissan Zamyad pickup truck on the side of the road connecting Absard to the main highway. The spot was on a slight elevation with a view of approaching vehicles. Hidden beneath tarpaulins and decoy construction material in the truck bed was a 7.62-mm sniper machine gun.


But it was also the debut test of a high-tech, computerized sharpshooter kitted out with artificial intelligence and multiple-camera eyes, operated via satellite and capable of firing 600 rounds a minute.
The souped-up, remote-controlled machine gun now joins the combat drone in the arsenal of high-tech weapons for remote targeted killing. But unlike a drone, the robotic machine gun draws no attention in the sky, where a drone could be shot down, and can be situated anywhere, qualities likely to reshape the worlds of security and espionage
Israel chose a special model of a Belgian-made FN MAG machine gun attached to an advanced robotic apparatus, according to an intelligence official familiar with the plot. The official said the system was not unlike the off-the-rack Sentinel 20 manufactured by the Spanish defense contractor Escribano.
There were further complications in firing the weapon. A machine gun mounted on a truck, even a parked one, will shake after each shot’s recoil, changing the trajectory of subsequent bullets.
The time it took for the camera images to reach the sniper and for the sniper’s response to reach the machine gun, not including his reaction time, was estimated to be 1.6 seconds, enough of a lag for the best-aimed shot to go astray...AI was used to compensate for the delay, the recoil, and the speed of the scientists vehicle.
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From: smg762


I thought a lot of tank mounted MGs were already remote controlled..?


From: poliorcetes


I'm not sure about that phrase, "not unlike the off-the-rack Sentinel 20 manufactured by the Spanish defense contractor Escribano."

A sentinel 20 is a RWS capable of use a 20mm or a 25mm cannon, not a MAG


From: roguetechie


They're not going to tell you the exact system they used but my bet is something very similar to the precision remotes inc TRAP systems.

The Israelis Almost certainly make several things that fit the bill


From: gatnerd


poliorcetes said:

A sentinel 20 is a RWS capable of use a 20mm or a 25mm cannon

The article does mention that the whole robo-assassin contraption was around 1000lb. So that could suggest they used a autocannon sized RWS for the MAG. 

Why, I have no idea. Possibly plausible deniability / use off the shelf kit to somewhat obscure the provenance of the weapon system.