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PLA using Holosun optics with QBZ-191 rifles   Small Arms <20mm

Started 24-Dec by gatnerd; 1510 views.

From: gatnerd


Pretty interesting thread on Arfcom with tons of photos:

It looks as if the PLA is either experimenting with, or outright issuing, Holosun optics to go with their new QBZ-191 rifles.

The setup shown is the Holosun 510c + 3x Magnifier. Which is essentially a modern, version of the venerable Eotech, but with vastly better battery life:

An excellent first person review of the 510c + 3x magnifier combo (magnifier appear at 2:50-3:45).

Holosun 510c First Person RePew

My Patreon - it Here -, a Huge thank you to Patreon Scott. This is a solid little reflex if...

In the US civilian market, Holosun optics have earned very high praise in terms of their reliability, cost, and features. So its not a huge surprise to see China using Holosuns for their military. Given their low cost, I expect Trijicon, Aimpoint, and Meprolight will face growing competition in the international optics market. The low cost also opens up the probability that more and more weapons out there will be optic equipped. 

Holosun also appears to be expanding into Machinegun sights as well:

There also appears to be a sort of Chinese Prism optic, in the vein of the ACOG/RMR, but I can't find more info in that one.