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.30 Super / 8mm Super pistol cartridge   Ammunition <20mm

Started 5/1/22 by gatnerd; 13335 views.

From: gatnerd


Federal has developed a new round, news of which has leaked prior to SHOT show.

Its a 7.62 straightwall for 9x19 sized pistols, conceptually similar to the 7.62 French Long and the 7.92 VBR:

At 50kpsi it should be capable of decently high velocities, while offering a bit better sectional density and magazine capacity compared to 9mm. It seems especially well suited to red dot pistols with compensators, which are becoming increasingly popular in the US.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Still waiting for a necked down .30 to duplicate 7.62 Tokarev in 9x19 sized package

Maybe this will catch on with CCW  arms instead of 380Auto , as you could make them a bit slimmer or more high capacity , but hardly see this as an replacement for 9x19 


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From: roguetechie


I just built myself a g26 and I now semi regret it because I'll definitely be picking up something in this caliber ASAP!

This is very close to what I've been asking for for years and I'm pretty excited.

Picture of new 26 below 

My friend took one look at it and dubbed it cartelpunk. I love that name for this particular aesthetic.


From: Farmplinker


4-5" barrel would make this an excellent outdoorsman round. I have been thinking about a Ruger in .327, but might get one of these instead.


From: 17thfabn


"From: gatnerd


Federal has developed a new round..

Its a 7.62 straightwall for 9x19 sized pistols, conceptually similar to the 7.62 French Long and the 7.92 VBR:"

What do you think the odds are that in three years this will be an all but forgotten cartridge?

Some one who wants full power is going to go with a 9 mm or bigger. Some one who wants compact is going to go with a .380.  I don't see the niche this is going to fill.


From: gatnerd


17thfabngatnerd said:

I don't see the niche this is going to fill.

Well, the main niche is increased capacity for subcompact pistols while retaining 9x19 performance. 6+1 9mm becomes 7+1 .30; 10+1 9mm becomes 12+1 .30, etc. 

Secondary benefit may be a bit less recoil, especially if a 85gr load is released.

That said, while I think the cartridge is cool, I wouldnt bet the farm on it biting off much of the 9mm market.

I would have designed the round as a 85gr @ 1000fps .380 replacement for guns like the Ruger LCP. That would give a round that actually meets FBI minimum penetration and expansion (unlike .380) while also giving +1 round to the normal 6+1 .380. I think that would sell a whole lot better as theres little loyalty to .380, whereas 9x19 is insurmountably entrenched.

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From: gatnerd


Federal released a new video on .30 Super; the market is specifically civilian CCW as opposed to LEO/Mil.

Per the video, a 1911 single stack magazine holds 8x45, 10x9mm, or 12x 30 super.

Federal 30 Super Carry | Designed For Defense

Not for the military. Not built around law enforcement. Finally, there's a cartridge designed specifically for concealed carry and defense. Federal ambassado...


From: 17thfabn


What is the last handgun cartridge that was introduced not for military / police use that has been successful commercially? 

Maybe the .327 magnum? It doesn't seem to be grabbing much of the market.

The 40 cal and its cousin the 10 mm were introduced for police use. They both seem to be in decline.

For civilian use the 380 and 9MM seem to cover most needs. The 380 may not be perfect, but with new bullets it is good enough.

Weren't the .25, .32 and .380 were all introduced for civilian carry?