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Started 12/7/22 by graylion; 1377 views.

From: schnuersi


mpopenker said:

As why most firefighters are men, I think the answer is obvious. It's a very hard work, with a lot depending on the physical strength and fitness. And regardless of the modern theories of bazilion of gender constructs, the basic built-in differences between male and female are still there.

This is generally true and goes for a lot of professions. Its true for the military and police for example. Yet there are conciderable more females in these. This makes the professional firebrigade stand out.
I know the answer why. Its pretty simple really. The firebrigade never lowered their standards or introduced special standards for women. Everybody has to perform to the same standard. Which simply results in the vast majority of females being washed out of the application process.
In Germany there is one specific aditional requirement. To apply as professional firefighter it is a requirement to have a certificate of apprenticeship in a craft or technical vocation. Like carpenter, mechanic, locksmith etc. there are very few females in these fields to begin with.
Neither the police nor the military has such a requirement. Which vastly increases their base of applicants.


From: mpopenker


schnuersi said:

The firebrigade never lowered their standards or introduced special standards for women

Yes. And I think that on average a firebrigade encounters serious life-threatening risks much more often than a typical cop or a soldier, maybe even more that a typical SF operator

So they are much more dependent, quite literally, on a strong hand and strong spirit of their team members


From: dudutin


Veterans cannot be treated differently. I have read this law and fully support it