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Small Arms auditory suppression test   Small Arms <20mm

Started 20-Nov by gatnerd; 580 views.

From: roguetechie


This is why I wear the good electronic ear pro that can give me decent enough auditory cuing of direction and type of fire.

It also makes the big round noises less scary...

Someone should maybe study whether the effects are the same with good electronic ear pro.

I am willing to bet you'd get different results but wouldn't dare guess what the difference would be.


From: stancrist


EmericD said:

M855 from a M4; 400 m range (ICAO atmosphere); residual velocity 533 m/s; 151.8 dB (0.777 kPa) at a near miss distance of 1 m.

7.62x39 mm PS from an AK; 400 m range (ICAO atmosphere); residual velocity 400 m/s; 153.7 dB (0.967 kPa) at a near miss distance of 1 m.

DM41 from a 20" SCAR-H; 400 m range (ICAO atmosphere); residual velocity 554 m/s; 154.5 dB (1.060 kPa) at a near miss distance of 1 m.

Thank you.  Those numbers seem to roughly correlate to the "500 m" results (actual distance was 450 yds -- a shade over 400 m -- according to Garand Thumb), so perhaps the video test was not so bad.

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