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50 mm XM913 being fired   Army Guns 20+mm

Started 27/6/20 by autogun; 1828 views.

From: Red7272


poliorcetes said:

I'm more and more skeptical about this "calibre race", except for the obvious benefits for the vendors. I mean, if the target is enough valuable and thus protected against 30mm APFSDS, then it would deserve an ATGM or even a small salvo of ATGM. 

The Russian switch to a 57 mm AGL with Airbust/HESH and APFSDS ammunition is logical and innovative. It's a drop in replacement for the 30 mm and dramatically improved the utility of the mounting. Add the introduction of a small calibre missile to supplement the usual Kornet and the flexibility of the mounting has been improved the range of potential targets.


From: poliorcetes


A lot of volume and weight is need to be sacrificed in order to install any 57mm gun, compared with a 30 one. a 30mm round should have enough payload for a decent AB capability. If anything, 35mm would do. And I have to insist: if the target is enough protected and thus valuable for resisting a 30mm AP impact, then it is far more expensive than a modern ATGM or a bunch of them. 

I'm sure that a smaller missile is going to be useful for certain roles if it is enough cheap. But it is quite difficult to make it cheap if it has to resist gun accelerations.

What are the probabilities in the next decade of a fight between middle calibre gun armed vehicles? 


From: Red7272


It's a drop in replacement for the 30 mm with APFSDS and a airburst/HESH round. There is the usual anti-missile defence and 12 PGMs carried.

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From: autogun


The Rheinmetall Lynx re-enters the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle fray.

Since it can be armed with a 35 mm WOTAN canon, that can presumably be adapted to Super 50 if required.