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LMAO Germany adopts an AR-15   Small Arms <20mm

Started 14/9/20 by QuintusO; 30764 views.
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Some more info on the Steyr G36 upgrade:

Also go to the comments, as some representative from Corax Defense explains more of the project.

The heat testing results are especially interesting:


From: JPeelen


Now the decision text by the court of Bundeskartellamt has become public in a sanitized form. From it , the pricing issue as the basis for the decision that HK had won, is as follows:
1) HK and Haenel submitted their bids.
2) Bundeswehr (BAAIN) requested both bidders to reconsider two (sanitized) aspects of the pricing.
3) As a consequence, Haenel modified its bidding price. HK did not.  
4) The modified Haenel bid now was the lowest bid. Hanel got the contract.
5) This triggered HK to start the well known patent battle.

The court ruled that by above step 2, Bundeswehr violated the rules. The modified price Haenel submitted in step 3 could therefore not be considered at all.
HK got the contract due to being the lowest bidder. That means, their bid in step 1 must have been lower than the Haenel bid.

Because of Haenel finally being not the lowest bidder, the entire patent issue did not have to be considered by the court.          

On the last day of the deadline (24 June) Haenel went to the next higher court. 


From: renatohm


What a mess... and it hasn't even finished yet!