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XM-25 here we go again...   Army Guns 20+mm

Started 9/11/20 by autogun; 17022 views.
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Jeff (Jefffar)

From: Jeff (Jefffar)


I think most of us have seen this video, but it deserves to be trotted out again


From: Refleks


Jeff (Jefffar) said:

I think most of us have seen this video, but it deserves to be trotted out again

At that same event IIRC there was a high impulse weapon system that was a single shot 40x53 HV that they mentioned shot flat enough to essentially be POA/POI out to like 300 yards. The video I saw disappeared and I haven't been able to find it, I think it was FN's prototype.

Recoil looked brutal but it seemed to have worked

*edit* found a picture of it


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From: gatnerd


Found a cleared one:

And a brief write up:


Never one to disappoint at Shoot-outs, FNH USA took advantage of this year's gathering to introduce the company's new 40mm High-Impulse Weapon System (HIWS), dubbed the High-Velocity 40 (HV-40). This latest addition to FNH's HIWS line is a direct-fire grenade launcher — forget lobbing rounds downrange with this weapon.

An evaluator tests the 40mm High-Impulse Weapon System by FNH USA.
-- Photo by Lloyd Francis Jr., AFJ staff

Designed for use either as a stand-alone system or mounted as a modular undercarriage launcher, the HV-40 fires both the high-velocity rounds used in MK-19 automatic grenade launchers and the low-velocity ammo designed for M-79s and M-203s. The high-velocity rounds sail out to 2,000 meters, and have an effective engagement range of 600 meters.

Last year, some readers will recall, FNH introduced AFJ evaluators to a 76mm HIWS, which made for some interesting video of evaluators losing contact with the ground as they launched 2.2-pound payloads from the 3.3-pound 76mm round. This year's half-size cousin of the 76 HIWS looked far less formidable, but still left shooters knowing they had fired something out of the ordinary.

The folks at FNH are still refining the design of the prototype, proof-of-concept HV-40 unveiled at this year's Shoot-out. The system currently weighs about 17 pounds; its target weight is 15 pounds. It's 31 inches long and, without its sight, 9.25 inches high. A three-round, magazine-fed prototype is under development.

After firing some standard 40mm high-velocity training ammo (722 fps) from this shoulder-held weapon, our noble band of evaluator-warriors have one universal recommendation for FNH: reduce the weapon's recoil. Other than that, they loved it.

"A helluva kick, but it puts the 40mm right on target!" wrote one. "Excellent accuracy. The HIWS takes the 40mm round — designed for area-suppression fire — and turns it into a precision projectile."

Noted another: "A little rough, but it's only a prototype. It provides a useful 40mm capability in a portable system. Recoil is severe, but manageable. A better stock design is needed to improve ergonomics."

"Very hard recoil; not a fun gun to shoot," said another.
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From: gatnerd


The EX41 may be relevant; it used a 40mm grenade with a 150m/s velocity.

Thats 50% faster then the the 40x51 MV. 


From: EmericD


Just for history, the FN "High Impulse Weapon" is a spin-off of the Lacroix "Samourai Urban Weapon" launcher developped initially for the French Army.

The initial goal was to field a shoulder-fired weapon for urban combat that could launch a 1 kg warhead from the inside of a room with minimum signature (and no backblast).

A "hi-low" pressure system was used to propel the 1 kg / 76 mm warhead at a MV around 76 m/s, but the live (incendiary) round used a flammable liquid and the effects were not really spectacular.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


These Chinese auto GL are all high velocity 40x53 for export. And we have seen these in action in Jemen and Iraq. But its 13kg unloaded, with the addition of Airburst kit weight grows 2.8kg further, 

''This air-blast kit mainly includes OS23 simple fire control and muzzle fuze binding device. The weight of the kit is less than 2.8 kg, adopting a method of timing based on rotating number. The fire control calculates the number of rotations required for the grenade to fly above the target based on the results of laser ranging, and then binds it to the fuze. When the grenade flies to the bound number of rotations, it is located at the top of the target, and the fragment would hit the hidden target into a hornet’s nest.''

Airburst kit .

But even domestic 35mm version has quite a kick

PLA?? ??? ?? 11???????? China QLU-11 sniper grenade launcher

PLA?? ??? ?? 11???????? China QLU-11 sniper grenade launcher - YouTube ...


From: Red7272


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

These Chinese auto GL are all high velocity 40x53 for export. And we have seen these in action in Jemen and Iraq. But its 13kg unloaded, with the addition of Airburst kit weight grows 2.8kg further

Or just settle for 16 kg and go with the AGS 30?

I also remember long ago seeing a picture in a International defence Review of a 30x29B grenade launcher which was a salvaged AGS 17 barrel on a scaled up Ithaca shotgun made somewhere in central america. No one dared fire it but it looked rather like the China Lake Grenade launcher. 


From: autogun


The Czech RAG-30 has been marketed for many years but I don't know if it's found any buyers. 

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Anyone has the chamber pressures for MV 40x46mm or is it 40x51mm? 


From: EmericD


In 40x46 mm LV, the "low pressure" chamber is around 20 MPa, and proof pressure is 23.5 MPa if I remember well.