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The Foresight War Revisited: Air Forces   Novel: The Foresight War

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I am in favour of fall-back positions with everything, especially if the preferred option is something new (and therefore riskier). So, I have no problem with proceeding with the Centaurus and Griffon as they provide more options. 

I think that the Hurricane as used in the BoB should be left alone, except for solving that fuel-tank vulnerability which cost so many lives, and adding Oerlikon guns. However, the intended replacement for the Hurricane ("Beaufighter") as a carrier plane and fighter-bomber is untried, so a fall-back would be to design new wings which are thinner, as suggested, and also designed to fold for carrier stowage. Two problems solved in one go!

If necessary, the Typhoon could be developed in a a similar, thin-folding-wing form with Centaurus or Griffon.

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