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Ammo availability in Countries outside of the USA?   General Military Discussion

Started 25-Mar by AmmoGuyUSA; 868 views.

From: AmmoGuyUSA


I bet they are loving it!


From: graylion


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

Pretty much everything made in Europe goes to US, Talked to folks that run a number ammo making plants in Europe and they say they never had it soo good as its now thanks to US market gobling it all up.

But where is it all going? Are people stockpiling at home?


From: Mustrakrakis


graylion said:

But where is it all going?

A coworker of mine works 2nd shift.  He knows which stores get ammunition and on which days they get it, and each morning before work he makes sure that he's at each store before it opens.  When he arrives, there are already other people in line (mostly retirees), and more show up after he gets there.  When the doors open, they all immediately go to the ammunition counter and buy whatever they can.  According to my coworker, they even buy ammunition in calibers that they don't own guns for - "Maybe I can trade this for someone else later, or else I'll just sell it.  And if I don't buy it, someone behind me will anyway," is how he explained it.  Within ten minutes or so, all of the ammunition at that store is gone, and they move on to the next one.

What do these people do with this ammunition?  Some of them resell it at a profit.  Some of them simply stockpile it.  Maybe a few of them are even shooting it, although I haven't encountered another shooter at the range or the gravel pits in months.   But to answer your question, that's where it's all going - first time gun owners, panic buyers, and disaster capitalists.


From: bigkid64801


You can thank our new leader for the shortage.


From: Farmplinker


The ammo shortage started last year, around the time the news was reporting death matches over toilet paper.