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UAV Gun fighter   General Aircraft topics

Started 27-Mar by Sakpan74Gr; 794 views.

From: gatnerd


Sakpan74Gr said:

Maybe some sort of AA Stinger or Mistral carrier?  That sounds interesting.  I was thinking of a flying RMK30, that recoilless autocanon tested on the Wiesel. Or if that's too big an "RMK20-25". I was thinking that it would appear out of nowhere, fire a burst and move on to the next target, flying rings around them, with a low operating cost.

A bigger issue would be how these cheap drones are going to be able to detect incoming aircraft. 

Compact radars that can detect aircraft, especially stealthy aircraft, are generally not cheap. 

And a groundbased radar that can detect aircraft should already be firing its ground based AA missiles at those aircraft, not vectoring in drones. 

Really I think the cheap drone role is air to ground offense, not air to air defense.