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Ukraine weapons thread   General Military Discussion

Started 24/2/22 by gatnerd; 395588 views.

From: Red7272


I remember the advertisements in the 1980s for Goalkeeper saying is was able to destroy 3 waves of 4 Exocets and that was considered exceptional performance. Also the US thought the majority of the soviet systems were diving from high altitude so very simple to detect and stop even at mach 4+

Both side operated on the assumption that their plans would work and that those of the enemy would fail. 


From: Red7272


The other thing is that the guns are firing HEI against missiles which even they have recognised as a dumb idea and there was a supposed plan to add a second feed for 500 round of APDS to each mount. Though given how badly everything else has worked the likelihood of that being a real program that has been retrofitted to any ships is low.

"Several guys on a naval forum have told me that a Phalanx system will shoot down a supersonic missile no problem. IF they are aware a missile is inbound and all necessary gear is turned on."

Which is potentially optimistic given that the engagement time of a mach 2 missile is about 2.1 seconds prior to impact. 


From: gatnerd


Rare Switchblade 300 footage, showing airburst:

Looks to airburst about 4m from the target:

Debris recovered shows blood splatter on the wings, pretty grimy:

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From: gatnerd


A newly developed grenade dispenser that holds 9x 30mm grenades for use in drone attacks:

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


For a while i taught all firing rockets up the ballistic curve was just an absolute shot into the dark.

It seems that is not actually the case , attack platforms like SU-25 , Ka50 and Mil 28 actually have computerized weapons release profile for this type of lobbing for both rockets and bombs and supposedly this rocket volley has a CEP of 100m at 4000-6000m range, so its exactly the same shit as what  Brit pilot laughed off remarking that the bomb lobbing they did in Iraq with Tornados was much different affair because it was computer guided  profile and release . It was also done for exact same reason to avoid entering  into AD coverage

In any case its an expensive way to do a flying  MLRS

Russian combat Su-25 jets pick off Ukrainian targets

Russian jets launched missile air strikes on Ukrainian military facilities and technical units.The images show Russian jets taking part in combat operations ...


From: Farmplinker


Expensive yes; but worth it if you get jumped in an area outside your ground artillery.


From: gatnerd


First time we've seen this; DIY 'Suicide Drone' based on what looks to be a racing drone.

An incredibly detailed look inside HIMARS and its guided ammo:

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


IR look at lobbing rockets , looks like 2 helicopters fired a salvo , From the vids on the net i think most of the helo firing is done with smaller 57mm rockets while SU-25 use a lot of 122mm 

Machine translated :

1) This method is just used for strikes “on area targets”, the spread of missiles is quite acceptable for that purpose

2) Yes, in terms of power, this strike is not comparable to the "Grad", but it all depends on which warhead is in the rocket, that is, which modification of the rocket is used.

For example, 8KOM penetrates 400mm of armor , and one 8C carries 2000 flechettes (when striking a  trench, such a missile will destroy / disable most occupants)

8DM with a volumetric detonating mixture has a high-explosive effect in the equivalent of ~ 5kg of TNT (multiplied by 40-80 depending on whether 1-2 sides released a full BC and then imagine the effect, if seen)

3) "Grad" still has to drive up to firing point, and then leave before receiving a response ( roads are needed)
The helicopter, regardless of the terrain, can reach the necessary distance, remaining unnoticed and also leave.
The entrance to the air defense zone is present, but it is short-term and they do not have time to react (extremely low altitude + terrain folds) (as personal experience, not reasoning from the couch of some commentators).