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The Changing Character of War   General Military Discussion

Started 21-Apr by stancrist; 859 views.

From: gatnerd


Farmplinker said:

There's a difference between globalization in say, 1950 vs. 2000. We're probably heading back toward a 1950 type globalization. We're going to do what is necessary to keep alliances functioning, but no more. A lot of on/near shore production, not searching for the lowest cost. And disruptions in food and energy are going to get worse

I agree, we're likely to see a lot re-shoring / near-shoring / regionalism / 'freedom trade' where trade is done primarily within allied blocks. 

But Zeihans end state thesis is basically the US is going to withdraw from the world and source almost all of its goods from within the NAFTA zone, withdraw militarilly from the mid east/nato/asia...and then sea based shipping will collapse as state sponsored piracy returns after an oil crisis.

From one of his books, he predicts that after the US leaves the mid-east, a war between saudi and iran will kick off, destroying much of the regions oil supply. Then the remaining oil tankers will become targets of state piracy from any country with a navy as they head towards china, with India and Japan especially getting in on the piracy. Whereuppon Asia will descend into famine and war, and the global overall cost and supply of petrolleum will lead to societal collapses for most countries. France will renew colonialism in africa to secure its oil supplies, while Germany will consider a 4th Reich...

Its not as outrageous as George Friedmans theory that by 2050 the US will be at war with Japan, after Japan knocks out US Space based assets with stealth coated moon rocks from the covert jap base on the moon. (yes, this is a thing:

But overall I think Zeihans end state thesis is unlikely to come about. We're going to see disruptions in supply chains and movement in global manufacturing hubs. But the US's goal of containing china ironically prevents the very anarchic collapse of china that he predicts. 

Overall I'd say Zeihans 5-10yr predictions are pretty solid, and his day to day analysis on his twitter are excellent. But I'm leery of his (or anyones) predictions beyond 10yrs. 

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From: Farmplinker


"Overall I'd say Zeihans 5-10 yr predictions are pretty solid..."

But, now he's starting to say China will collapse within 10 years. So in 20 years will we be able to purchase "Pistols Of The 21st Century Warlords" from Headstamp Publishing?;)

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From: stancrist


Another interesting presentation from Zeihan, posted on YouTube (perhaps appropriately) on May Day.

China Is Not Russia and Taiwan Is Not Ukraine | Peter Zeihan

Russia's invasion of Ukraine - the most consequential military conflict Europe has witnessed since the Second World War - has riveted the attention of the wo...


From: gatnerd


The best place to follow Zeihan is on his Twitter (one of the only Twitters redeeming the platform). He post 'unlisted' youtube clips of his generally a few weeks to a month before they appear on youtube, as well as lots of relevant little articles with commentary on todays events and how they will impact the future: