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Radar for SPAAG   Army Guns 20+mm

Started 19/1/23 by graylion; 2536 views.

From: Refleks


I think a dispenser with anti drone drones have a place as part of a layered approach. I work with both drones and software development, it is not that complex in principle.

Once the vehicle active protection system detects a drone actively or passively its pretty straightforward to feed that relative location information to the interceptor drone which will orient and lock on after launch.

Each interceptor would run a few thousand mostly the IIR core, and while that is more expensive than ammunition, it has some advantages. First, you're not just slinging 40mm or machine guns ammo in the sky (or against a background of friendlies if the threat is flying nap of the earth) when you can 1:1 kill the drone with a drone.  Second, the engagement cycle doesn't need to commandeer the remote weapons station which the commander might be using in that moment against ground targets or as a CITV.  Third, this is also more durable a solution as far as hard kill options for small drones goes because as soon as RWS starts popping them out of the sky operators will change tactics and constantly be moving or incorporating  random perturbations to exploit time of flight to frustrate the RWS predicted lead.  The camera is stabilized and this doesn't affect operator view at all.  Finally, this can handle multiple engagements simultaneously so when we start seeing cluster bombs dropping swarms of drone submunitions someday it can address them automatically.

If we assume a 5x5 dispenser thats 25 interceptors per vic or 100 per platoon, and it scales easily enough. That's $350,000 to potentially save a platoon of armor worth $50 million plus crew.

The system also has the potential to be manportable for dismounted light infantry application, albeit with more limited capabilities, and would at least provide some protection since it's not practical for dismounted infantry to carry a RWS with them on patrol or at an OP.

To be clear I'm talking about countering things like small consumer or small military suicide drones, not larger drones like Harpy, for which a RWS or SPAA is probably more appropriate.

I hope this is compelling enough for your consideration as one small part of a comprehensive approach.


From: autogun


It could be interesting to try out frangible small-arms ammo in a fast-firing MG. Make the bullets lightweight, fired at very high MV. That should increase the hit probability against drones at short range, but also drastically reduce unwanted collateral damage at longer ranges.

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From: graylion


This be interesting  - CV90 seems to have some AA capability, needing more sensors. So could maybe just use an added radra per platoon

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