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State legislators across the country are moving to tighten limits on vaccine exemptions for children amid one of the worst outbreaks of preventable diseases in recent history.

In response, an unusual coalition of libertarians and liberals influenced by a debunked study has launched a loud and at times threatening campaign to protect the statutory exemptions. A few instances required police intervention.

Legislators in 26 states have introduced bills to crack down on parents who request vaccine exemptions for either personal or religious reasons. Three states — Washington, Maine and New York — have passed those measures. A fourth — California — is likely to pass its version next month.


From: BobSciJul-8 10:52 AM 
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A researcher at the local university, UCF, just released a study that shows a cause of autism may be an ingredient in processed foods.  Just preliminary at this time and needs to repeated and more work in animals.

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From: amytrineJul-8 1:14 PM 
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There should be no exemptions, not even religious. Contagious disease respects nothing, not even religious sensibilities


From: Pegasus (VE5CAP)Jul-8 1:24 PM 
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Stay Safe! Stay Gold!



From: 8645 (RedBV) DelphiPlus Member IconJul-8 1:45 PM 
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Yup . . .


From: 8645 (RedBV) DelphiPlus Member IconJul-8 1:49 PM 
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The only exemption that could go with is medical . . . but even then that is questionable, due to info that has come along indicating multiple lower does injections to achieve immunity . . .



From: amytrineJul-8 3:19 PM 
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the only medical exemption that should be allowed is if the child has an allergy to one or more of the components of the vaccine.


From: 8645 (RedBV) DelphiPlus Member IconJul-8 3:28 PM 
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Agree . . .



From: MerianaJul-8 7:27 PM 
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The problem with that is that there is no way to tell ahead of time if a child is allergic to any vaccine component, until AFTER the vaccine has been administered, and the child has a severe reaction. For most allergic reactions there is medication given via an epi pen that can be life-saving, unfortunately where vaccines are concerned there is no such "rescue" item available, and allergic reactions can be deadly within minutes


From: 8645 (RedBV) DelphiPlus Member IconJul-8 7:38 PM 
To: Meriana  (10 of 155) 
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