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Bank wires fraudsters over $800K    Consumerism

Started 11/18/19 by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 127 views.
Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


Despite that warning, a bank employee emailed the fraudster, asking for the address of the bank account owner — adding a senior Cidel employee and McLeod to the email thread.

Bank wires fraudsters over $800K of retiree's savings, despite red flags

A Calgary retiree says he was "sick to his stomach" after learning his bank wired more than $800,000 of his savings to fraudsters despite security red flags.

Rod McLeod, 75, was a longtime customer with Cidel Bank — one of dozens of private banks in Canada that handle wealth management for people with high incomes or sizeable assets.

"It has turned my life upside down," says McLeod, a retired lawyer. "I expected them to protect me."

McLeod is suing, alleging "negligence, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty" by Cidel in a statement of claim filed last week.

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From: Quasuo


In September 2018, McLeod was excited to make an offer on a condo in Rancho Mirage, Calif. -- just north of Palm Desert.

He had Cidel wire a deposit to a California bank account and waited for instructions on the outstanding balance of $619,000 US ($820,000 Cdn). A few weeks later, an email supposedly from the realtor handling the sale, said the balance should go to a different bank — Chase Bank in Denver, Colo.


From: Quasuo



I can't believe that this is happening, within such a huge transaction it should have been done in person not by email!

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Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


Careless bank... online transaction is not as safe as thought. ...