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University of Toronto campus feces-throwing   Canadian Politcs

Started 11/26/19 by Eliot (Elohimil); 685 views.
Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


What we know so far about the faeces dumping assaults in Toronto.

TORONTO -- A bucket of feces poured on a woman outside a University of Toronto building is the third assault in four days involving fecal matter.

Here's what we know about the assaults so far.

Where the assaults happened

The first assault occurred on Nov. 22 at the University of Toronto’s Robarts Library. The second incident occurred two days later in York University’s Scott Library. The university said in a statement that an unknown male entered the library and deposited faecal matter on a student who was seated at a table. The third incident occurred late Monday night outside a University of Toronto building near College Street and University Avenue. Police said a man dumped a bucket of feces on a woman who was on the sidewalk before fleeing.

Who police are looking for

On Monday, police released a photo of a suspect in the first two assaults taken from surveillance camera footage. In the footage, the suspect appeared to be carrying a bucket with a handle.

Sean Davidson
Multi-Platform Writer, CTV News Toronto
Published Tuesday, November 26, 2019 11:29AM EST

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Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


#UofT #Toronto #GlobalNews

Third incident of feces-throwing reported at University of Toronto campus

Global News 26 Nov 2019

Toronto police said there has been another incident involving someone throwing faeces at another person at the University of Toronto campus on the evening of Nov. 25. Officers were called to College Street, just west of University Avenue, shortly before midnight for reports that a bucket of feces was dumped on a woman walking down the street. An orange bucket from Home Depot was left on the sidewalk, and officers were seen putting the bucket into a bag and taking it away.

Morganne Campbell reports.

Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


What is going on in Toronto? 

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


I'm so shocked I'm speechless.


Whatzup? (Bushenron)

From: Whatzup? (Bushenron)


Diversity with a racecard!!!??

Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


scream After shooting, knifing, cars running into people, now we have human waste dumping on people withn education institution! ?

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From: Dot_hoe


Samuel Opoku from the Ghanaian community '


I check him out on YOUTUBE, he is a lousy singer. A stuttering lawyer 'Jordan Weisz' was hired to get his innocence in motion.

Throwing feces is a witchcraft ritual in Ghana, from time to time old women in Ghana are accused of witchcraft, particularly in rural Ghana. Issues of witchcraft mainly remain as speculations based on superstitions within families, around 1,000 people accused of witchcraft


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From: Dot_hoe


UPDATE blush

Suspect in 3 feces-throwing attacks makes court appearance

680 NEWS 27 Nov 2019 poop
The man charged in three incidents in which a bucket of feces was dumped on a person in recent days appeared in court Wednesday. Pam Seatle with how the 23-year-old’s lawyer says the public does not have all the facts when it comes to the case.

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


The police caught Samuel Opoku

It's cool to know he was caught!


From: Pinck0


I never thought I'd read this out of Canada!