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Blasé news diary: blasting horns to the dormant sheep about politics and the lack of democracy due of the engulfing consumerism

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Machete Attack In Florida Keys    Canadian Politcs

Started Dec-30 by RozaLux; 69 views.

From: RozaLux


Two Men Charged In Machete Attack In Florida Keys .

A reported machete attack in the Florida Keys Christmas morning left several people injured and two others behind bars.

 CBS Miami     26 Dec 2019
Four people were hurt in the attack

According to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald, German Rivera Hernandez and Jonathan Rivera Enriquez were part of a group that went to a home on Burton Drive in Tavernier just before 4 a.m. One of the men was armed with a machete, the other with a broken bottle.


From: AuntBetsie


BIDEN is so dumb it makes dumb people blush!  blush


Joe Biden Attacks Texas Concealed Carry Law Saved Church Victims

TeamTRUMP Radio Network 30 Dec 2019

Yesterday proved Joe Biden was wrong attacking Texas Law allowing Concealed Carry Carry to saved Texas church goers. Joe Biden in Iowa attacking TX law that allowed #ConcealedCarry in Churches last summer. Will he say he was wrong?

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From: AuntBetsie


Texas Lt. Gov: Joe Biden is dangerous


 Fox News 30 Dec 2019
Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick responds to Biden previously attacking him for allowing guns in places of worship; the law allowed for a gun owner to take down shooter at Texas church