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Louisiana officers indicted for beating   Criminals on the Run

Started Jul-1 by Quasuo; 92 views.

From: Quasuo


The men didn't stop the vehicle, and a pursuit began, with video from a police car "showing that Bell threw several unknown objects from the window of his Chevrolet truck during the chase,” the district attorney wrote in a press release. Dash-cam footage from a sheriff's deputy's vehicle shows what happened when the two men stopped their car.


8 Louisiana officers indicted for alleged beating of 2 men stopped for seatbelt violation

Eight police officers in Louisiana were indicted on charges of excessive force for allegedly beating two men who had raised their arms in surrender when pulled over for seatbelt violations.

Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart announced Tuesday that each of the officers in Shreveport has been charged with one count of malfeasance in office in connection to the arrest in January. The Jan. 24 incident began when an officer attempted to pull over driver Chico Bell and his passenger, Damon Robinson, for seatbelt violations as the two men were leaving a private home.

NBC News Ben Kesslen July 1, 2020

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North ^ (H0ZER)

From: North ^ (H0ZER)


Yet again another media juncture misleading readers to click on the story. If the headline read ''Two blacks beat for resisting arrest'' nobody would bother clicking on the story. The unlawful jerks were beat for defying arrest.



From: Quasuo


At one point it gets too much and it starts tp look more like North Korea, and CHINA! 

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From: polinious



The police are at their very end of their patience!

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North ^ (H0ZER)

From: North ^ (H0ZER)


Speaking about the case, Brandon J. Fremin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana, said, “Corrections officers are sworn to protect those within our prison systems. Those officers who carry out vicious attacks such as this strip citizens of their basic civil rights and dishonor the work of honest law enforcement officers. The sentences handed down today serve as an example of officials being held accountable for violations of the public trust that was placed in them.”