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BBC Contemptible Syntax    World’s Spotlight

Started 9/2/20 by Boba (Boitchy); 3525 views.
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From: Boba (Boitchy)


Nigerian schools resumption date inside states wey dey go ahead wit 2020 reopening of schools despite Nigeria Covid 19 warning.

A number of state goments dey go ahead wit reopening of schools for Nigeria dis September even though federal authorities don advice for caution. Nigeria Health minister say COVID-19 still get power to take life and very dangerous while Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) don warn Nigerian goment make dem neva reopen higher institutions now. However a number of state goments don announce full reopening of schools to begin 2020/2021 new academic calender for both universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools.

2 September 2020, 11:48 WAT
New Informate 3 hours wey don pass

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From: AuntBetsie


Guidelines wey im give for school reopening
  • Make students, teaching and non-teaching staff respect all di Covid- 19 protocols.
  • Only 30 students go fit dey inside one class for di Junior High School 2
  • 25 students go dey inside di Secondary High School 2 class
  • Students as well as all teaching and non-teaching staff must wear face mask and goment go provide reusable face mask for dem
  • Goment go provide each school wit Veronica Buckets, gallons of liquid soap, rolls of tissue paper, thermometer guns, and 200 milli-litre containers of sanitizers.
  • JHS 2 student's go get access to one hot meal everyday.
  • Fumigate of schools before reopening.
  • Assemblies and sporting events go still dey banned; pipo wey dey outside no dey allowed to use school premises for any event. Dem go try connect any school wey no get sick bay to health facility.

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From: AuntBetsie



If you can READ this here above you may graduate!


This video is about 10 common Nigerian pidgin phrases you are going to hear often in Nigeria.

 Iveoma 14 Jan 2019

1. How far? means Hi, Hello
2. I wan chop means I want to eat.
3. Dash me.. Gift me means give me freely
4. Wahala means problem. No wahala means no problem.
5. Mumu means stupid.
6. Oyinbo means white or foreigner.
7. Abi? means right.
8. Abeg means please.
9. Na Waoo means wow.
10. Waka means f you. It also means let's go.


It goes well for the UN diversity plan!

The BBC see_no_evil speak_no_evil hear_no_evil

doesn't speak or write the proper way not to offend anyone?

How did this astounding grammar twister pass without the usual spellcheck observation on BBC?

sweat_smile PLUS the BBC article is talking about education and schools... if you can get through the distorted grammar comprehension!


From: Dot_hoe


sweat_smile Incredible!!! 

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From: MelanGEE


scream I heard England has gone rogue!