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Josh Hawley Is 'Not Going Anywhere.'    American Politics

Started Mar-8 by Weasel (poptardo); 78 views.
Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


Josh Hawley Is 'Not Going Anywhere.' How Did He Get Here?

Most Republicans who spoke at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, avoided acknowledging the events of Jan. 6. But less than 30 seconds into his speech, Sen. Josh Hawley confronted them head on. That day, Hawley said, had underscored the “great crisis moment” in which Americans currently found themselves. That day, he explained, the mob had come for him.

The “woke mob,” that is. In the weeks since, they had “tried to cancel me, censor me, expel me, shut me down.” To “stop me,” Hawley said, “from representing you.”

 "And guess what?” he went on, his tempo building, the audience applauding: “I’m here today, I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not backing down.”

The appeal from Missouri’s junior senator reflected what has become standard fare in a Republican Party still in thrall to Donald J. Trump. As Hawley’s audience seemed to agree, his amplification of the former president’s false claims of a stolen election was not incitement for the mob of rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6; it was a principled stand against the “radical left.” Yet to some of the senator’s earliest supporters, it was precisely for its ordinariness that the speech stood out, the latest reminder of the distance between the Josh Hawley they thought they had voted for and the Josh Hawley who now appeared regularly on Fox News.

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Elaina Plott and Danny Hakim
Mon, March 8, 2021, 8:11 AM

This fool got over hundred people involved in the attack on the capital.  Now they have felony charges and will never again live a their lives normally.  When is he going to be charged?  If any relative is ruined by his deviant behavior -- people should be camping out on his doorstep.